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For only $10.00 you can get your prescription filled in one of our frames for single vision lenses: Reading, Computer Distance (Intermediate), or Distance Vision. Our stock prescription lenses are available on the frame page. There are many lens options. Some lenses have different power ranges than others. For prescriptions outside of these ranges we offer Special Single Vision Lenses.

We require a current Rx and your PD measurement. If you do not know your PD, we can measure it remotely. We will send you the simple instructions via the e-mail you provide. See below for details...

Prescription versus Non-Prescription Reading Lenses

We offer non-prescription reading glasses as well as prescription reading glasses. The quality of the lens materials and coatings are the same with both, but 2 factors are not included with non-prescription readers, your PD measurement and correction for astigmatism (if you require it.) Those 2 factors can make a significant difference in reading quality.


Taking our reading test will give you very good results, but will not be as accurate as having an eye exam from an Optometrist. Outside of having your eye health checked on a regular basis, which everyone should do, getting an exam by a eye care professional will provide you with the best advice on getting the best reading vision for you.

Sometimes your eye doctor will advise you to get non prescription readers in a certain power for whatever need you have. In this case, the doctor is confident that simple magnifiers will solve your reading problems. He or she might suggest a +.75 for example for over your distance vision contact lenses. If you have shopped for reading glasses, you already know that you cannot find +.75 powers. You are left with getting prescription reading glasses which cost more.

This is where we come in. You can get powers from us from zero to +4.00 in either eye. And you can get lenses that do way more than store bought readers, like blocking blue light.

The 2 factors mentioned above, your PD and any correction for astigmatism you might need, are not addressed with non prescription reading glasses.


One of the issues we have found is that people are unsuccessfully trying to interpret their Doctor's prescriptions to get non prescription readers. It is important to note that for the best results, you should have a professional Optician evaluate your Rx for you. You can upload your eyeglass prescription to me for a free, no obligation evaluation.

When you get an eye exam, it is important to communicate with your doctor what distance or distances you are having problems reading with. The doctor will then write an Rx based on your input. If you do not express to your doctor exactly what issues you are having then the doctor will default to certain traditional focal lengths and write the Rx that way.

Jim (for example) got an exam and the prescription looked like this:

  • OD Sphere -2.25 Cylinder +.75 Axis 137
  • OS Sphere -2.50   Cylinder +.50 Axis 032
  • Add +2.50

Jim decided to get +2.50 reading glasses for computer use. Jim was totally wrong. Jim's actual computer reading Rx is:

  • OD -1.00 +.75 137
  • OS -1.25 +.50 032

Not only was his selected power wrong but also, Jim needs minus power lenses. The astigmatism was also not accounted for, nor his PD.

Bottom line- send us your Rx. Send us your PD. Do not try interpreting your Doctor's prescription.

Free Prescription Evaluation

You can send me your prescription and I can break it down into what you need for reading, computer or distance. I will also offer advice on what we can offer you in the way of special lens options. Go here:

Free Eyeglass Prescription Evaluation

PD - Pupillary Distance Measurement

Your PD or Pupillary Distance Measurement is the distance in millimeters between your pupils, typically when your eyes are focused at a distance of 20 feet or so. We need these measurements because we want to line up the optical centers of the lenses to your pupils so you can see properly, whether for distance, intermediate, or for reading.

Typically, there are two types of measurements, either Total PD or Monocular PD.

As you can see from the image above, the total PD is the total distance between pupils. The monocular PD is the distance from each pupil to the center of the bridge. Some people have the same mono PD from pupil to pupil but most folks have different measurements.

Examples- When the PD is recorded by your eye care professional, it will look like:

  • 62 (Total Distance PD) or
  • 30/32 Right and Left Monocular PD(The first # is always for the right eye) or
  • 62/59 Total Distance and Near PD.

PD Measurements- Traditional and New Methods

When Opticians measure your PD, they usually measure your distance PD. This means that the measurement is made while your eyes are looking at about 20 feet away. When measuring for reading glasses they will subtract 3mm. They do this because when you read, your eyes converge approximately 3mm.

Currently, the most accurate PD measurements are taken with a Pupilometer which the Optician uses to see reflections off of each of your retina. Measurements can be adjusted for distance, near, or intermediate.

There are new apps online which we have tested with varying results. The most common method requires that you have a picture taken of yourself holding a credit card under your nose. This works because credit cards have a standard width of 86mm which is used as a template for mm measuring. Depending on the software, these methods can be very accurate. For us, the real issue with these methods is security. The credit card account number on cards today are embossed. Unless you tape over the number, expiration date, and security code, this info can be read putting your security at risk. Both sides need to be covered.*

Obtaining Your PD Measurement

If you do not know your Pupillary Distance measurement, there are several ways to get it.

  • Ask your Eye Doctor- They can, and should, in my opinion, measure your PD, but usually they leave it to the Optician to do.
  • Ask your Doctor or Optician to read a current pair of your eyeglasses and measure the optical centers. This is only accurate to your eyeglasses, not your eyes.
  • See if your PD is recorded on a receipt or invoice from a previous eyeglass purchase.
  • *Have us measure it remotely. If you order a pair of prescription glasses from us we can send you simple instructions on to get the PD measurement. And it is very accurate and very secure!

Stock Single Vision | Power Ranges

 Stock Prescription Power Ranges:

  • Clear, Tinted, Mojo Std AR-
  • Zero to +6.00 or -8.00 Sphere
  • Up to a -4.00 Cylinder
  • Mojo Photogrey AR-
  • Zero to +4.00 or -6.00 Shere
  • Up to to a -4.00 Cylinder  
  • Blue Block AR Coated Lenses- Mojo BluBlock AR, APEX BluBlock AR-T, Mojo BluBlock 1.6AR, Kodak Total Blue 1.6AR:
  • Zero to +4.00 or -6.00 Sphere
  • Up to a -2.00 Cylinder
  • Mojo 1.67 UV420 BluBlock AR- High minus powers.
  • Zero to +4.00 or -10.00 Sphere
  • Up to a -2.00 Cylinder
  • Transitions Signature VII with Smart blue Filter (SBF) - Grey, Brown, Green with or without Crizal Avance' AR Coating
  • Zero to +4.00 or -4.00 Sphere
  • Up to a -2.00 Cylinder

If your Rx falls outside these limits and you want thinner lenses or blue block solutions, see below for our Special Rx offerings below.

How To Order

How to Purchase: On the frame page,

  1. Find a frame. Over 1200 styles to choose from. Filter Size, Material, Color, and much more.
  2. Choose Prescription Lenses by clicking the Configure Lenses box.
  3. Select your Rx type, Rx Reading (12-14"), Rx Intermediate (20-24"), or Rx Distance.
  4. Select a lens add-on if you want one. See the stock lens power ranges above for limitations.
  5. Send us your Rx if you haven't already. If you do not know your PD we can take the measurement remotely.
  6. Click the Add to Cart button and check out or keep shopping.

See our Lens Guide for more information.



If your prescription is over the stock lens power range, then these lenses are for you! High powers, high astigmatism correction, and various state-of-the-art blue block solutions. These are custom made rather than stock, and are more expensive.

These lenses are not available on the frame page. Find a frame. Do not select any lens type or lens option. Simply click Add To Cart. Then select one of the lenses below, configure your options, upload your Rx and then add the lenses to your cart and check out.

SALE! Automatic 10% Discount on these lenses at checkout.

Mojo Poly Plus Custom Single Vision Lenses

For High Plus Sphere or High Cylinder Prescriptions 

High Plus Powers: Custom surfaced to be as thin as possible given your Rx, your PD, and the frame size. Generally, a high plus sphere power would be over +4.00. High Cylinder Powers: For over stock range cylinder powers. Typically, a high cylinder power out of stock range is +/- 2.00.

For more, click the Stock Single Vision | Power Ranges tab above.

These lenses are available clear or with Mojo BluBlock Tints, cosmetic tints, or with an AR coating. The base price without add-ons is $95.00/pair. If you have questions about whether you need custom lenses please contact us here.

For product details, click the link below:


Mojo Digital Blue Filter Single Vision Lenses

For high plus or high minus prescriptions and with special blue block lens options.

These lenses have a built in Blue Filter monomer which filters ~20 of HEV blue light. They are available clear or with AR coatings including Crizal Prevencia AR, a blue light reflecting AR coating.

They are also available in Transitions Signature VII, Transitions EXTRActive and Transitions Vantage Variable Polar. Combining a Transitions lens with Crizal Prevencia AR provides great HEV blue light protection in all conditions.

Please Note: It is best to contact us about these lenses as we may have new options that can save you money. (New lenses are being released all the time!) Please contact us here.

For product details, click the link below:


Mojo Polarized Single Vision Lenses

Polarized sunglass lenses provide the best glare protection. We offer several options in single vision prescription:

  • Mojo Polar in Dark Grey and Dark Brown
  • Xperio UV Superior Polarized Lenses
  • Transitions DriveWear Polarized.



Available to U.S. Shipping Addresses Only.

We now offer 3 different progressive lenses with various options designed to address presbyopia as well as Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS), glare, and blue light issues. There are many options for each progressive lens type. For best results we recommend consulting with us before purchasing.

SALE! Automatic 10% Discount on these lenses at checkout.

Progressives - General Information

Progressive lenses provide visual correction from distance through intermediate to near reading. The ideal progressive lens design provides a wide, comfortable visual field throughout.

Digitally designed and surfaced progressives are made to your prescription and to the frame you choose. Digital surfacing provides the absolute best optics. There are several hundred digital progressive designs available today. We offer several options with your budget in mind.

Our Mojo Digital Advanced HD lenses are dual surfaced digital lenses. These lenses have proven to be extremely comfortable to wear and very easy to adapt to even for first time progressive users.

The only real difference between the Mojo Advanced HD and the Varilux Comfort DRx is that the Comfort lenses have Smart Blue Filter built in. Smart Blue Filter (SBF) filters ~20% of HEV blue light.

Progressive lenses require your PD measurement as well as a Fitting Height measurement for the progressive channel. The Fitting Height can only be accurately obtained by having you try the frames on. For this reason we offer a special Frame Trial Program. See below for more.

Our Ordering Process

Ordering, Frame Trial, and Measurements

  1. Add a frame to your cart. Do not select lenses or options. You can order up to 2 frames to try.
  2. Go to the lens you want by clicking See This Lens in one of the lenses choices below.
  3. Configure the lenses options, Upload your Rx and Add to Cart.

Once you order your frame and lenses we will:

  1. Send the frame(s) for you to try on. If you like the frame, take a picture of you wearing it. We will e-mail instruction, it's easy.
  2. Once we have the picture we will obtain the fitting measurements.
  3. You return the frames with a prepaid shipping label. The frame you don't want will be refunded.
  4. By the time we get the frame back the lenses will be ready to process.
  5. Total turn-around is about 2 weeks.

Mojo Digital Advance HD Progressives

Mojo Digital HD Advanced Progressives

From: $190/pair

Digitally surfaced on both sides to provide the widest most comfortable viewing areas. Available Clear, or with

  • AR Coating
  • Mojo BluBlock Tints
  • Cosmetic tints.

Varilux Comfort DRx Progressives with SBF

Varilux Comfort DRx with SBF

From: $260/pair

Digitally surfaced on both sides to provide the widest most comfortable viewing areas. These lenses have Smart Blue Filter. SBF is a clear monomer that filters 20% of HEV blue light. Available Clear, or with

  • AR Coatings
  • Transitions Signature VII
  • Transitions EXTRActive
  • Transitions Vantage


Mojo Digital Advanced Polarized Progressives

Mojo Digital HD Advanced Polarized

From: $300/pair

Digitally surfaced on both sides to provide the widest most comfortable viewing areas. These lenses are available in several polarized types.

  • Mojo Polarized Dark Grey and Dark Brown
  • Xperio UV Superior Polarized- 7 Colors
  • Transitions Drivewear Polarized

Steve Mower is a licensed Optician and creator of Mojo BluBlock Tints. Steve has over 30 years experience in the optical field. He has been a optical retail manager and has consulted on progressive lens development. Steve has been offering unique reading glasses solutions on-line since 2010.