Free Eyeglass Prescription Evaluation

Steve Mower - August 2018

Do you have a eyeglass prescription and are confused about the numbers? I can help.

Eye Doctors write eyeglass prescriptions in different ways and professional Opticians like me know how to interpret your Rx to determine what powers you need for different distances. Avoid the common mistake of selecting incorrect lens powers for reading and computer distance by having me evaluate your eyeglass prescription.

A Very Common Mistake:

  • OD   Sph -.50  Cyl -.75  Axis x30
  • OS   Sph +.25
  • ADD +2.00 [ People choose this as their reading power. It is not! ]

The actual up-close reading powers for the Rx above is:

  • OD   Sph +1.50 Cyl -.75 Axis x30
  • OS   Sph +2.25

The actual computer distance powers for the example above would be:

  • OD   Sph +0.50 Cyl -.75 Axis x30
  • OS   Sph +1.25

Complicating the matter further, some Eye Doctors write their prescriptions with plus powers for the Cylinder instead of minus. This changes the resulting reading and computer powers. Why not have me break your Rx down for you? For various reasons, typically correction for astigmatism or high powers, you might be better off getting prescription lenses which are only $10.00 more.

Send me your eyeglass prescription and I will send you a break down of what up-close, computer/intermediate, and distance vision powers you need along with some helpful suggestions. There is no obligation or cost. Your information is private and confidential and will not be shared with anyone.

Use the form below and expect to hear back from me within 24 hours.

Fill out my online form.



Steve Mower is a licensed dispensing Optician and creator of Mojo BluBlock Tints. Steve has over 30 years experience in the optical field. He has been a optical retail manager and has consulted on progressive lens development. Steve has been offering unique reading glasses solutions on-line since 2010. Steve is a member of Opticians Association of Virginia and Opticians Association of America.

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