Lenses For Your Frames

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Do you have eyeglass frames that you would like us to put new lenses into? Now you can!

After over 10 years of offering quality glasses we know that you might have frames that you want to re-use whether you bought them from us or not. That's a smart and eco-friendly way to go. Some eyeglass frames are built to last especially if you take care of them.

If you bought your glasses from us and the frames were priced over $40.00, then this is an economical option for you. If you have a RGE account and have accrued applicable Spex$ Points, you can use them on these lenses.

If you decide to get new frames then we strongly recommend looking at TR90 lines like the LORIS TR90 collection and Ultem frames like the LouisLuso and Vivid Ultem lines. These frames are more expensive but will last a long time and can easily be reused. 

We also recommend shopping our frames before you order lenses for yours. Reader Lenses are free in all of our frames. Prescription single vision lenses are only $10.00 more. We have over 2500 styles to choose from!


REGULAR READER LENSES and lens options are the same as the lenses and options you see in all of our full-rim frames...

  • Reader Lenses 
  • FT28 Bifocal Reader Lenses
  • FT28 Computer Bifocal Reader Lenses
  • Line Free (progressive) Bifocal Reader Lenses
  • Line Free (progressive) Computer Bifocal Lenses
  • Prescription Single Vision Lenses

Pricing: There is a $25.00 base price for Reader Lenses. Other options and Lens Types are additional. Add-on prices are the same but on top of the $25.00 base fee.

SPECIAL PRESCRIPTION LENSES If you require lenses in a high prescription or prescription multifocals then you can shop our Rx Lenses and we can put those into your frame. 


1. This is available to US Customers Only.

2. Frames that we can use:

  • Full-Rim - Metal or Plastic with the frame all the way around the lenses.
  • Good Condition - The frame should be in good shape with no cracks or welds.

3. Frames that we cannot use:

  • Rimless or semi-rimless frames.
  • Frames with a high curvature such as wrap-around sunglasses.
  • Frames with cracks, welds, or defects.
  • Cheap, pre-made readers. Seriously?

Things you should know: Understand that using your frames carries a certain amount of risk. The old lenses must be safely removed and new lenses inserted. If for whatever reason, the frame breaks, then I will do what I can to repair it. If the frame cannot be repaired then it is on you to select or send me a different frame. I do not take responsibility for your frame condition and will not refund your purchase if the lenses have been processed/edged.

With that caveat, there usually isn't a problem but I would like to know what frame I will be dealing with.

Before ordering please Contact Us with a description of your frame. We may want you to send us a picture of it. 

  • All lens prices are per pair.
  • Shipping to you is included. 


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