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New Zenspex TR90 Series

Posted by Steve Mower on 27th Apr 2022

Lightweight eco-friendly frames for only $45.00! Our new Zenspex frames are made from premium TR90, a very lightweight and flexible material that is hypoallergenic and eco-friendly. The desi … read more

Product Updates | Price Changes and Discontinued Items

Posted by Steve Mower on 9th Feb 2022

A short notice about some changes being made in 2022. We have made some changes to our pricing and some of our product offerings.PRICING CHANGES: In order to keep up with the increase in shippi … read more

Crizal Rock AR Lenses | The Best Lenses for Zoom Meetings

Posted by Steve Mower on 10th Jan 2022

Clear. UV and Blue Light Protection. Very Scratch Resistant. No Blue Flash Reflections. We offer many anti-reflective lens options. If you want the best lens for Zoom meetings that cut reflection … read more

Simplylite Custom Rimless Sale!

Posted by Steve Mower on 25th May 2021

Get $30.00 Off Simplylite Reading Glasses. Simplylite frames weigh only 3 grams! Reader lenses are free! These are light-weight titanium frames in 2 types, the 700 Series which is super thin a … read more
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