Product Info

We offer custom products and there are many options to choose from. We offer the ability to choose from a wide array of eyeglass frames, lens types, and lens options. Before you place an order you might want to review our product info. Most of the time when people return items it's because they did not select the right frame size or understand what lens option they chose. Check out our guides below for help.

RGE First Time Shoppers

First time shopper here at RGE?

We have a quick guide to help you to shop and purchase custom reading glasses or prescription glasses.

Reading Lens Guide 

Learn all about our reading lenses offerings. Materials, lens options and availability.

  • Single Vision Reader Lenses
  • Lined and No-Line bifocal Reading Lenses
  • Lined and No-Line Computer Reading Lenses
  • Plano (No power) Lenses
  • Single Vision Prescription Lenses

Prescription Lenses Guide

Prescription single vision lenses are only $10 more! They can be purchased right on the frame page.

We offer specialty prescription lenses too like Eyezen+, Bifocals, Progressives, and occupational lenses like Shamir Workspace and Computer lenses.

Learn about what Rx lenses we offer and how to purchase.


BluBlock Guide

Information about anti-reflective (AR) coatings, lens tints, blue block, blue light, photochromic/Transitions lenses and our unique lens options.

Sunglass Guide

Find a frame, select a lens type, choose your sunglass lens option.

Glasses Guide FAQ

Frequently asked questions and answers.


Terminology related to our products and eyeglasses in general.  

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