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Steve Mower - August 2018

What are the differences between designer reading glasses and non-designer styles?

I know a lot about eyeglass frame quality having worked in the optical industry for well over 28 years. Our goal at Reading Glasses Etc is to offer a wide range of high quality reading glasses whether designer eyeglass frames or non, in a wide range of styles. Because we custom craft the lenses for our reading glasses, the frames we offer must be optical quality.

Let's break the quality issues down starting with -

Designer Name Brand, Status and Quality

Typically, a designer eyeglass frame will have a designer's name or "badge" on it like, "John Varvatos". Does John Varvatos personally design these styles? Of course not. The designer's name is licensed to the company that manufactures the frames. The designs for the frames are done by design teams working with or for the manufacturer. The final call for what ends up being released usually goes to the designer's team if not the designer him/herself.

The Designer Name Badge as a Stamp of Quality.

Well known designers want products that have their name on them to be of the highest quality. Generally, these quality elements run from the best metals and hand made acetates to the details like the hinges and screws used. Sometimes the designers are willing to push technological bounds to produce frames with unusual color combinations, delicate filigrees, and sculpted temple elements. Also, higher quality gold and silver are usually used in the metal plating.

Details like keyhole bridges offer a comfortable fit for most noses and UF fit, or "Uni-fit" nose pads on plastic frames help because they extend back from the frame more and help support the frame for people with flat noses or bridges.

Also, designer eyeglass frames are sometimes made in unique size configurations. Very small eye sizes with wide bridges, longer or shorter temples, sunglass clip-ons, and unique fittings all add to the price because of the exclusive nature of the designs.

See all of our designer reading glasses.


Premium Name Brands.

Non-Designer Name Brands - The bigger companies out there today that manufacture designer name brand eyeglass frames also manufacture and wholesale their own "branded" lines. We offer designer reading glasses by John Varvatos and Jones New York for example, which are licensed and manufactured by REM. REM is a smaller optical company that also makes Converse. These lines are popular "brand name " styles, not "designer" styles. They are made in the same manufacturing facilities with the same materials. They generally do not have the high end details in the designs, do not have a "Name" brand, and therefore cost less. They are popular and have "badges" on the temples to help show them off.

Our Private Labels - Non Designer Reading Glasses. Same Quality with No Labels or Tags.

Over the years we have searched for the best quality non-branded frames. We work with small companies that are devoted to the idea that high quality does not mean high cost and we private label them as our reading glasses lines. Our designer reading glasses and branded reading glasses are designed with the same attention to detail and the same materials as the top designer and branded lines, but cost way less. 


Why Pay More?

Have you ever heard of Benelli, or New Fogey? These frame lines are not only designed by top designers but the quality and workmanship is better than a lot of mainstream "designer" lines that I have seen. They cost less than the "top" designer frames, and the styles range from the currently popular to the unique designs that you would normally only find in Europe and Asia. In many cases they are manufactured in the same factories.

Most of the "top" designer reading glasses styles today will cost you from $200 to $450 in stores, and that does not include lenses!! Our designer styles run from $60.00 to $299.00. Including the lenses!! And unlike most stores or websites that sell reading glasses, you can opt for different powers in each eye and add-ons like AR Coatings. These are optical quality frames which mean that they are designed for prescription lenses. If at some time you need prescription lenses made for them, no problem! We do that too!

We have teamed up with some great frame companies to offer you styles very similar to the most popular designer styles selling today. You don't get the logo but you can get the Gucci or Armani look (and quality) without the Gucci or Armani prices. Read more about our quality reading glasses



Steve Mower is a licensed dispensing Optician and creator of Mojo BluBlock Tints. Steve has over 30 years experience in the optical field. He has been a optical retail manager and has consulted on progressive lens development. Steve has been offering unique reading glasses solutions on-line since 2010. Steve is a member of Opticians Association of Virginia and Opticians Association of America.

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