Sunglass Guide

Part of our mission here at Reading Glasses Etc is to provide you with a wide range of choices. We offer you the ability to choose from a very wide range of frame styles and then to customize the reading lenses you want in them. Whether you need reading glasses or not, we have a wide range of options for sun glasses too. Let's explore...

First, find a frame you think will look good as sunglasses.

Using our frame filter you can narrow down the size, frame material, color, shape, and more. Any frame will work but full-rim frames have more lens options than semi-rimless and rimless styles. Here are a few tips on choosing a frame for sunglasses:

Tip 1. Frame Size - You can go with a frame that is a size larger than what you would ordinarily wear, but it's likely you will need to have the frames adjusted to fit properly. A larger frame will provide more glare protection as sunglasses. On the other hand, if you just want a cool, edgy look, you could go smaller, like this:


This is a style from the MySpex RGE Collection.

  • Small
  • Portable
  • Cool looking
  • Available with Reader Lenses and Plano Lenses


Tip 2. Frame Shape - The shape of the frame is totally subjective but if you like the "classic" sunglass shapes consider these:



Tip 3. Frame Material - Choose any frame material you like. TR90 and Ultem are very lightweight and durable. Plastic frames in general fit closer to your face than frames with nose pads and that can help with light and glare coming through the sides of the glasses.

Tip 4. Frame Color - Classic sunglass frame colors are typically dark. Black, Brown, Gunmetal, Tortoise, etc... But the color world is your oyster. Choose whatever you want!

Next, Lens Types and Lens Options - What type of lens do you want?

Plano Sun Lenses - Zero Power Lenses. There are many options:

Plano Sun Lens Options: Mojo BluBlock Tints, Cosmetic Tints, Polarized, Mojo Photogrey AR, BlueTech Polar Brown AR

How to buy: Shop for any full-rimmed frame. Choose Plano Lenses. Choose your lens option.

Reader Sun Lenses - Same or Different R/L Reading Powers

Reader Sun Lens Options: Mojo BluBlock Tints, Cosmetic Tints, Mojo Photogrey AR

How to buy: Shop for any frame. Choose Reader Lenses. Choose your Right and Left reading powers. Choose your lens option.

Bifocal Sun Lenses - Lined Bifocals or Line Free Progressive Reader Lenses. Zero power top/ Reading power bottom. A great reader option for large sized frames.

Bifocal Sunglass Lens Options: Mojo BluBlock Tints, Cosmetic Tints, Mojo Photogrey AR

How to buy: Shop for any frame. Choose the Bifocal Lenses you want. Choose your reading power. Choose your lens option.

Prescription Sun Lenses - Single Vision Lenses for Distance, or Reading, or Computer

Prescription Sun Lens Options: Mojo BluBlock Tints, Cosmetic Tints, Mojo Photogrey AR, Transitions VII, Transitions VII AR

How to buy: Shop for any full-rimmed frame. Choose Prescription Lenses. Choose your Rx Type. Choose your lens option. Upload your prescription and PD.

Special Rx Lenses - Our special prescription lenses consist of single vision lenses that address high prescriptions as well as Progressive lenses. These lenses and options are not available on the frame page. You add a frame to your cart without the lenses or options. Then you select your lens and the lens options.

Special Prescription Sun Lens Options depend on the lens you choose. Options include Mojo BluBlock Tints, Transitions VII, Transitions EXTRActive, Transitions Vantage Polar, Transitions DriveWear, and Xperio Polarized.

How to buy: Shop for any full-rimmed frame. Add the frame without any lenses to your cart. Go to the Rx page and select your lens. On the lens page, select your options and add the lenses to your cart.

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Steve Mower is a licensed dispensing Optician and creator of Mojo BluBlock Tints. Steve has over 30 years experience in the optical field. He has been a optical retail manager and has consulted on progressive lens development. Steve has been offering unique reading glasses solutions on-line since 2010. Steve is a member of Opticians Association of Virginia and Opticians Association of America.

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