Strong Reading Glasses


If you need particularly strong reading glasses we can help.

rocket-glasses.jpg ---Batteries Not Included.

We can make high power reading glasses up to a +6.00. (Our standard power range is to a +4.00.)

You have two options available to you.

1. Non Prescription Basic magnifiers. We can do powers from +4.25 to +6.00 in quarter diopter steps, +4.25, +4.50, etc... The lenses are aspheric polycarbonate with scratch resistant coating and UV400 filter. You can get these lenses clear, with AR coating, or with custom tint. The prices:

High Power Clear= $10.00

High Power Clear with AR Coating= $35.00

High Power with Custom Tint= $30.00

To get our frames with a high reading power, go to this page, fill out the request form and we will e-mail you with the link to the purchase page.

2. Prescription (Rx) The best option if you need a high power. The Rx option gives you prescription glasses which will be more comfortable and will not produce prism and we can include correction for astigmatism if needed.

We offer many lens options at our Rx portal, including thinner, high index and transitions lenses. All you need is your Rx and your PD measurement. Visit MojoOptical to start shopping or go directly to our Request Lenses page.


Need low power reading glasses? Go here.