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Strong Reading Glasses

If you need particularly strong reading glasses we can help.

rocket-glasses.jpg ---Batteries Not Included.

We can make high power reading glasses up to a +6.00. (Our standard power range is to a +4.00.)

You have two options available to you.

1. Prescription (Rx) The best option if you need a high power. The Rx option gives you prescription glasses which will be more comfortable and will not produce prism and we can include correction for astigmatism if needed.

The best way to do this is to visit our new Rx website, MojoOptical.com where we have most of the frames you see on this site but with prescription lenses. Find out more here!

2. Non Prescription The second option is to get them made as basic magnifiers. All you need to do is to send us a request via e-mail at rx.readingglassesetc.com. Include the frame style you want in the e-mail. We really think that if you need strong reading glasses and you do a lot of reading, you are going to be better off with the Rx option!


Non Prescription Lens Options and Fees-

There is a $10.00 fee plus the lens price.

1.6 Index (Thin) Aspheric  +$20.00  /or with AR +$45.00

1.67 Index (Thinner) Aspheric +$40.00 /or with AR +$65.00

1.74 Index (Thinnest) Aspheric with AR +$90.00


How to order-

Step 1. Find a frame you like. Make sure it is a full frame. Because of possible lens thickness/thiness issues, do not choose a rimless or semi-rimless frame.

Step 2. For Rx go to MojoOptical.com. TIP: If there is a frame here that you like, copy and paste the style name and color into our search bar at Mojo and continue from there!

Step 3. For Non-Rx If you just want magnifiers in powers up to +6.00 send your request through our contact us page. Please include the frame that you like. We will get back to you quickly with instructions on how to make the purchase.



Rx and strong reading glasses orders usually take an extra 2 days to 1 week depending on the complexity of the Rx powers.


Need low power reading glasses? Go here.

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