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New! Mojo Photochromic FT 28 AR Bifocals

Posted by Steve Mower on 23rd May 2018

We now offer both bifocal reading lenses and computer bifocals in photochromic lenses! Glare protection for indoors and outside! Features: 28mm Lined Bifocal 1.56 Mid Index Material Hydro … read more

Site Updates April 2018 - Lens Types

Posted by Steve Mower on 20th Apr 2018

As promised we have updated our frame pages to allow for selecting different lens types! Since our inception back in 2010 we have tried to accommodate the demand for alternative lens types in various … read more

Bifocals and Computer Bifocals

Posted by Steve Mower on 4th Sep 2017

We now offer several bifocal options with all of our full rimmed frames. There are hundreds of styles to choose from!It's very simple. Find the full rim frame you want. Select zero power for each eye … read more

Bifocals and Computer Bifocals

Posted by Steve Mower on 22nd Oct 2015

Over the next several months we are going to be expanding our bifocal and computer bifocal listings with way more styles for both men and women. Our bifocal reading glasses are lined bifocals wit … read more

Mojo Computer Bifocals - Now with BluBlock

Posted by Steve Mower on 21st Aug 2014

Our Mojo Computer Bifocals are now available with either Mojo AR or Mojo BluBlock Tint.To reduce reflected glare from computer screens, select Mojo AR, our premium anti-reflective coating.For blue lig … read more