Bifocals and Computer Bifocals

Posted by Steve Mower on 4th Sep 2017

We now offer several bifocal options with all of our full rimmed frames. There are hundreds of styles to choose from!

It's very simple. Find the full rim frame you want. Select zero power for each eye and no lens add-ons. Then add it to your cart.

Click 'Special Lenses' on our top navigation menu and select and configure the bifocal lenses you want. We have 3 to choose from, 

  • Bifocal Reading Lenses which have zero power at the top and reading on the bottom.
  • Computer Bifocals with half power at the top and reading at the bottom.
  • Mojo GP Computer Reading Lenses which have no line (progressive) and have half reading at the top and reading at the bottom.

See all of our special lenses here.

Also, one of our new special lenses are Bluetech Indoor Plano Lenses with Super Hydro AR coating. These lenses have no reading power, plano only. (We do offer them at Mojo Optical as prescription lenses)

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