Bifocals and Computer Bifocals

Posted by Steve Mower on 22nd Oct 2015

Over the next several months we are going to be expanding our bifocal and computer bifocal listings with way more styles for both men and women. 

Our bifocal reading glasses are lined bifocals with no power at the top and reading power at the bottom. Reading powers range from +1.00 to +3.00 and you have the option to add our regular AR coating or a tint.

Our computer bifocals are lined bifocals with reading at the bottom and half that power at the top for monitor distance viewing. The reading powers range from +1.50 to +4.00 These are priced with either our regular AR coating or blue block tint included.

If you find a frame style on our site that is not available with either bifocal option we can create a purchase page for you. Any full frame will work with bifocals but you do need to have a bit of depth to the lens to accommodate them. Very narrow frames are not recommended and we do not do bifocals in rimless or semi-rimless frames.

Take a look at our collection of Bifocal Reading Glasses and Computer Bifocals

If there is another of our styles that you want with either bifocal or computer bifocal lenses, go here to request it.

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