New! Mojo Photochromic FT 28 AR Bifocals

Posted by Steve Mower on 23rd May 2018

We now offer both bifocal reading lenses and computer bifocals in photochromic lenses! Glare protection for indoors and outside!


  • 28mm Lined Bifocal
  • 1.56 Mid Index Material
  • Hydrophobic Anti-reflective Coating
  • Very light grey color indoors ~2%.
  • Darkens quickly to 75% sunglass depth outdoors.
  • 100% UV protection.
  • Variable HEV blue light protection based on activation. (~60% outdoors!)


FT 28 Bifocal Reader Lenses - Zero Power on top with reading at the bottom.

FT 28 Computer Bifocal Reader Lenses - 1/2 Reading on top with full reading at the bottom.

Available in all full frame styles.

Cost: $70.00 Add-on.

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