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BluBlock Guide - How to Choose

What should blue block glasses do for you?

Blue block glasses are designed to protect your eyes from damaging blue light/HEV (high energy visible light) There are 2 different types. The first are lenses that have a blue light reflecting AR coatings. The second type are lenses with blue block tints.

BluBlock AR Coatings:


For clear, natural vision, blue block AR coatings are the way to go. Blue Block AR coatings are Anti-Reflective coatings on the surface of the lenses that reflect away damaging blue light. The addition of light tints or special monomers in the lens material itself helps to absorb more blue light. If you are very glare sensitive, a blue block tint is going to filter more blue light.

Mojo BluBlock AR - Good, basic protection. (+25%)

A go-to option for people that want clear vision and that don't suffer from glare and insomnia issues. This coating reflects off blue light/HEV to ~425nm.

  • Reflects off over 25% of blue light/HEV.
  • Polycarbonate lens material filters 100% UV.
  • Scratch resistant and hydrophobic coating included.
  • Availability: Single vision only, in all frame styles.

Apex BluBlock AR-T - Better Protection (+32%)

Similar to Mojo BluBlock AR, but with the addition of a very light 1% amber tint. This AR/Tint combination reflects/filters blue light/HEV to ~435nm. The light tint adds a bit of contrast and helps with fluorescent light issues.

  • Reflects/Absorbs over 32% of blue light/HEV.
  • Polycarbonate lens material filters 100% UV.
  • Scratch resistant and hydrophobic coating included.
  • Availability: Single vision only, in all full frame styles. (not rimless)

Kodak Total Blue 1.6AR - Best Protection (+40%)

A combination of a special monomer built into the 1.6 high index lens material and a great blue block AR coating. This combo reflects/filters blue light/HEV to ~440nm. These lenses offer very clear vision with no color distortion. These are (currently) the best blue block AR lenses made.

  • Reflects/Absorbs over 40% of blue light/HEV.
  • 1.6 high index lens material filters 100% UV
  • Scratch resistant and hydrophobic coating included.
  • Availability: Single vision only, in all full frame styles (not rimless). Not available in Budget Blue Block Readers.


If you do not suffer from glare, whether from computer screens or fluorescent lights, or TV screens, the MOJO BluBlock AR is a great choice.

For mild sensitivity to glare, whether from computer screens or fluorescent lights, or TV screens, it's really your choice between the APEX and KODAK. However, the Kodak Total Blue 1.6 AR:

  • Works better under fluorescent lighting. 
  • Works better at night with tablets and monitors.
  • In plano or distance vision prescription, works better for watching TV and driving at night.


Blue Block Tints:

If you suffer from eye strain, glare, insomnia, CVS, CSR, or other blue light related issues, then a blue block tint is the way to go. Blue block tinted lenses filter more blue light than Blue Block AR coated lenses. Blue block tints come in various colors and tint depths and some have other features like synthetic melanin to address insomnia issues. This can be confusing for people as there are many choices. Let's break it down to vision issues, Eye strain, Glare, Insomnia, and Other Issues. You may suffer from one of these issues or a combination. Review this info carefully. In the end it may be to your benefit to get several pairs of blue block glasses to address different issues.

Issue 1. EYE STRAIN - Suffering from eye strain while using a computer or tablet may or may not be related to blue light. Addressing eye strain starts with making sure certain factors have been accounted for.

For eye strain, ask yourself:

  • Do you need reading glasses? If you do use readers, are they the right power for the distance at which you are reading?
  • Do you need prescription glasses? (Have you had an eye exam lately?)
  • Do you shift your focus away from the screen to distance frequently? (This does help with eye strain over time.)
  • Do you take medications that affect your vision?

If you are suffering from eye strain while reading a computer screen or tablet, you might need some kind of vision correction solved by getting the correct type of eyeglasses. Even a minimal prescription requiring low powers (and maybe correction for astigmatism) can go a long way to reducing eye strain.

Issue 2. GLARE - Problems with glare from computer screens, tablets, fluorescent lighting, etc, contribute to eye strain. Your sensitivity to glare (photophobia) is unique to you. In order to narrow down what lens option you need to address glare, ask yourself:

  • At what time of day are you most sensitive to glare? Daytime? Nighttime? Both?
  • On a scale of 0 to 5 how severe are your glare issues? 0 being no symptoms and 5 being very severe.

Issue 3. INSOMNIA - Stress, medication, and blue light can all contribute to problems getting to sleep and/or sleeping through the night. We have created a few blue block tint options that address insomnia and glare.

  • For nighttime computer/tablet reading - Mojo BluBlock Night Yellow Tint.
  • For daytime - Mojo BluBlock Day Amber and Tan have synthetic melanin built in that helps to regulate circadian rhythm during the day. The Amber is a great choice for low glare sensitivity, while the Tan is for high to severe glare sensitivity.
  • Our suggestion is to get a pair with Night Yellow and then choose Amber or Tan for daytime use to address insomnia. A third pair with Kodak Total Blue AR is a great combination.

Issue 4. OTHER ISSUES - There are a myriad of other issues related to glare. Extreme photophobia, Central Serous Retinopathy (CSR), color blindness, and more that can be treated with certain lens tints. The first thing to do is to talk to your eye doctor and get some guidance. We do not provide advice on these health conditions. A great source online for severe glare issues is The comment sections are filled with people's experiences with certain issues as well as with products they have tried.

  • Mojo BluBlock Tints are designed to filter the maximum amount of blue light/HEV for that tint color while allowing beneficial blue light through to your eyes. We use the Wertheim Factor to rate and optimize our blue block tints. (Learn about the Wertheim Factor and how the effectiveness of blue block lenses is determined.)
  • For severe glare issues, try Mojo BluBlock Day Tan, Mojo BluBlock Therapy Orange, or BPI 500/550 which filters to 500-550nm.
  • Our Mojo BluBlock Sun lenses are designed to use outdoors. They are not designed for indoor computer reading.
  • Therapy Orange and BPI 500/550 are not to be worn for driving as they can null out traffic lights. (Plano and distance prescription)


Mojo BluBlock AR Coatings

Read more about Blue Block AR Coatings

Read more about KODAK TOTAL BLUE 1.6 AR Lenses

Mojo BluBlock Tints

Read more about Blue Block Tints and see the spectrograms.

Cosmetic Tints

We offer pink and blue cosmetic tints in either 15%, 30%, or 45% tint depths. These are for a fun look.

Blue Block with Zero Power or Prescription Lenses

All of our blue block options are available in zero power or prescription lenses for distance vision, computer distance, or up-close reading. Here are a few tips:

Zero Power Lenses - If you do not need reading power or prescription lenses but would still like to protect your eyes from blue light and the effects of CVS, then your best choice is one of our AR coatings. These allow you to see your TV or monitor naturally without adding a color in front of your eyes. If you are light sensitive then the tints will work well. Simply select zero for each lens power and select the add-on that you want.

Prescription Lenses - For distance vision we recommend the AR coatings unless you want sunglasses, but the choice is yours. For prescription lenses go here.