Mojo BluBlock Customer Reviews

Steve Mower, Optician

This is a collection of our customer reviews for our blue block products. Some are specific product reviews, some are from e-mail correspondences, and some are from our recent blue block survey. We have recently introduced a new product review program and new blue block reviews are coming in daily.

Blue Block AR Coatings

Kodak Total Blue 1.6 AR

Outstanding, all the way around - 5 Stars

"The RGE 5th Avenue Mocha (with Kodak BlueBlock Lens) are simply outstanding. They fit very well, do not cause any discomfort at contact points (ears, nose) and the vision is very sharp and clear. I have long eyelashes and it is hard to find glasses that my lashes will not brush when blinking. This condition causes constant cleaning. These glasses are great - no lash rubbing. You will not be disappointed if you purchase these. The Kodak coating seems very durable and has not scratched at all after 2 months." - John K.

Kodak Lens Clarity - 5 STARS

"Perfect fit for the frames (Prime 15615 Black Gradient). Things just seem clearer. Due to monovision laser eye surgery I needed different power lenses. I have -.5 and -1.25 lenses (as recommended by my optometrist). Things are just so much clearer. I loaned them to my wife and she is amazed at the difference compared to her readers; she wants a pair now. Of course I recommend this lens." -Anonymous

Kodak Blue Light Filter - 5 STARS

"Excellent for eye strain/fatigue and blocking out excess blue light." -Matt H.

Great Lenses! - 5 STARS

"Purchased these frames with the Kodak 1.6 AR coating - love it! Really nice and clear, has a slight tint to it, similar to the 1% AR APEX coating - which visibly reflects purple (people have given me compliments on it). The Kodak visibly reflects blue. Came in a fancy hard case with cloth and cleaner. So much value from this company - I've ordered a few times, have passed on the name to my friends, and would be thrilled to order in the future!" - Pawel Pietruszczak

Kodak Total Blue 1.6 AR - 5 Stars

"I have a small head and needed to have computer glasses done after I sustained a concussion. I ordered 2 pairs of these with the KODAK Total Blue 1.6AR. These glasses have literally helped stave off the migraines I had been getting post-concussion, when I have to look at a computer screen for hours. I use them as readers without a prescription. I'm able to keep designing websites thanks to these glasses. The frames are comfortable and very well made. These came beautifully packed, and each has a case, a cleaning cloth and lens cleaner. I use for all my readers. Love the service and quality. Best thing? The survey (Blue Block Wizard) they now have that asks you how many hours a day you are using a computer, to help determine the coating that's best for you. Awesome" - Tatiana, New York

APEX BluBlock AR-T


Good Quality Glasses - 5 STARS

"Good quality glasses, arrived quickly to UK from USA. The tint and blue block work well - as a social media addict, I’ve slept better after using these in the evenings. Frames are better made than I was expecting and are standing up well to abuse. Good solid cases and even come with glasses cleaner. Overall, I’m impressed.". -Richard O.

You Get What You Pay For - 5 STARS

"The Blue Block option works very well. My eyes are very sensitive to artificial blue light and I can sit at the computer without my eyes hurting. If the blue blocking is not effective, my eyes will start to feel strained, this has never happened with my Reading Glasses Etc lenses. Also the frames that I bought are sturdier that frames that I have had that have cost less. The old saying, "you get what you pay for is true". -Al A.

Very Satisfied! - 5 STARS

"Lenses are great and I no longer am getting the headaches from a day at the computer! Now thinking about getting additional pairs." -Mark H.

Great Reading Glasses! - 5 STARS

"Very good quality lenses & frame. The Apex BluBlock AR-T really helps with computer work, , especially in evening. Would recommend this company!." - Anonymous

I Can See Clearly Now! (This could be a song) - 5 STARS

"Excellent in all ways,..patience explaining everything asked on the phone...product superior to any glasses I have owned...order expedited quickly...Thank you for your excellent service and product. The blue block option provides effective protection against eye strain." -Rebecca P.

Great Lenses! - 5 STARS

"Purchased these frames plano with the 1% AR APEX coating - which visibly reflects purple (people have given me compliments on it). Wear them all the time at work and home :)" - Pawel Pietruszczak

Nice Frame, Quick Service - 5 STARS

"Frames are lightweight and good looking, I ended up ordering another pair. Turnaround from RGE was very quick, I did get the basic blue blocker lenses and now that I am used to the slight tint I like them a lot. I also learned that a standard 1.75 magnification is actually clearer for me than the slightly modified prescription 1.75 that I was given. Will buy from this store again, but I have two pairs, so good for now." - Eric

Mojo BluBlock AR

Excellent Glasses - 5 STARS

"I am very happy with the glasses I bought, including Blue Block. The frames are high quality as are the lenses. The case and bottle of cleaning fluid is a nice touch. And the service, answering pre-sales questions, was great.." -David P.

Mojo BluBlock AR - 5 STARS

"This coating really does a fabulous job of anti-reflective, reduce glare, improves contrast. My last pair have this coating and still going strong - ie. seems durable. Scratch resistance and easy clean is also very evident." Anon.

Mojo BluBlock AR - 5 STARS

"My computer glasses are just perfect! The aspheric lenses are so excellent for readers (no distortion), and the BluBlock AR coating makes for extra clear vision, as well as reduced headaches, and eye damage worries. Thank You also for the courteous and efficient service!" -Melanie N

Mojo BluBlock AR - 5 STARS

"The most recent pair I got from you guys I added the Mojo Blue Blocker AR coating - what a difference - having had cataract surgery with multifocal lenses I can read fine and see distance. But when I work on my large computer screen at home it's about 2.5 - 3 feet away which is my dead spot. The first pair (once I got the power straight) caused some fatigue and strain, but when I got the last pair with the coating, wow! I can sit all day in front of the screen without any problems.   Great glasses. Thanks!!" -Alan B.

Mojo BluBlock AR - 5 STARS

"I have been using drugstore readers now for about 3 years. I am one who never had to wear glasses and never wanted to. However age has other plans. Since I love to read I had to give in. I found that after a month or so, my readers would start to fog or just not work as well. I was having a lot of eyestrain from forcing my reading by squinting or moving my book back and forth until I had no choice but to buy yet another pair."

"After a couple of years, I started having a harder and harder time reading on the computer. (Standard desktop). I,unfortunately, started slipping on my readers thinking this would help. Bad, Bad, decision! I soon could not read the computer without the readers. Then, my eyestrain, headaches, dizziness, exploded. I tried going to two different eye doctors. Each told me different things, patted me on the head, and sent me on my way. Needless to say, I was very very frustrated."

"I began an online search to help myself discover a solution. I soon learned that normal reading uses one's near vision and computer reading
uses one's intermediate vision. By using my readers for both, I was confusing my eye muscles. The strain this put on my eyes was what was contributing so much to my problems. I also learned that drugstore readers DO NOT use optician quality lenses. This is why they do not last and are ultimately harmful to your eyes."

"I then discovered Through several very informative email exchanges, I learned that they had several quality options for me. I tried bifocal readers, mojo bluebock monitor readers and AR readers the latter two both with computer intermediate vision. This I was informed is 1/2 of your near reading magnification. For me this is a +1.25. All three had high quality frames and lenses. My final personal choice was the AR (anti reflective) readers. Just trying these for 2 days allowed me to discern a drastic difference in clarity and brightness. I have had them for about a week now, and I no longer am having any headaches!!"

"The mojo blublock monitor readers are also excellent. I do not use a smart phone, or a tablet, or a laptop, but both my husband and son in law do. We all three noticed an amazing difference when viewing each of these items through the mojo lenses. They have done an excellent job in creating a lens coating that decreases the blue light from back lit items without interfering with one's ability to clearly see print, pictures, and movies for extended periods of time. I believe these are a must for anyone who uses handheld back lit devices. We all only have one set of eyes, and in today's world, taking care of them has never been more important."

"The folks at Reading Glasses Etc have done an amazing job with keeping up with technology and offering quality well made eyewear solutions for a wide variety of needs at a very reasonable price.I believe they hold themselves to a high standard and provide excellent personal customer service. You will not regret making your purchase with them."

"I truly appreciate the help and advice. I am enjoying my computer readers and can't wait to get my regular readers." -Julie.

Mojo BluBlock AR - 5 STARS

"The most recent pair I got from you guys I added the Mojo Blue Blocker AR coating - what a difference - having had cataract surgery with multifocal lenses I can read fine and see distance. But when I work on my large computer screen at home it's about 2.5 - 3 feet away which is my dead spot. The first pair (once I got the power straight) caused some fatigue and strain, but when I got the last pair with the coating, wow! I can sit all day in front of the screen without any problems.   Great glasses. Thanks!!" -Alan B.

Mojo BluBlock AR - Great quality of lenses and frames - 5 STARS

"Always good --staff responsive and the quality is wonderful love blocker post cataract surgery" - Liz M.

Crystal Clear Lenses - 5 STARS

"Steve was super helpful when the frame I wanted was not in stock. The glasses came in a very timely manner. The frames are solid and well made, not cheap looking at all. The lens is the best part though, super clear and awesomely perfect! Would definitely purchase again!" - Cara H.

Mojo BluBlock AR - 4 STARS

"I work at the computer all day and find that the blue block does help with eye fatigue. The price is reasonable. I would have like the frame to be larger. The description of the frame was in the "larger" category, but they are pretty small which gives them a granny look." - Anonymous

Great style, great optics, great quality - 5 STARS

"I receive complements about the style of these glasses. They fit well, are comfortable and have top notch optics. I love the Mojo BluBlock AR coating. No more cheap throw away readers for me. Protect your vision and opt for premium reading glasses!" - Ed Davis

Mojo BluBlock AR - 5 STARS

"I was very pleased by the personal service I received as well the product itself. I loved the frames and the lenses as well. I have recommended this company to several friends and will continue to do so." - Pam M.

Mojo BluBlock Tints

Day Amber (Melanin) Tint

Mojo BluBlock Day Amber Tint - 5 STARS

"Steve was so helpful with any queries I had and there was no problem with returning the original frame I ordered as it wasn't a good fit. The amber lenses were excellent for my florescent light sensitivity and are suitable for indoor use as they do not darken your vision. My frames were slightly smaller than advertised. Overall, I would have no hesitation in recommending reading glasses etc in particular the blue block lenses." - Anne M.

Mojo BluBlock Day Amber Tint - 5 STARS

"The Mojo BluBlock Day Tint-Amber tint is great for indoor and outdoor use. With good contrast,and it doesn't make my eyes tired." -Michael H.

Mojo BluBlock Day Amber Tint - 5 STARS

"Good glasses comfortable frames Blue block seems to work." - Anonymous

Mojo BluBlock Day Amber Tint - Great Frames - 5 STARS

"The frames are great! I use them for night time blue blocking. The amber lenses are pretty dark. I would recommend the AR coating for a subtle blue block in public." - Caleb M.

Mojo BluBlock Day Amber Tint - These are amazing in my opinion. - 5 STARS

"The Blue Block tint depth gives you just enough tint to block that blue haze that is all around us during sunny bright day, or if you sitting in a front of a laptop, or holding a tablet. I did not notice that blue haze that outdoor offers until I wore the these glasses for a while. Not only do they block the haze but they make everything sharper, and colors are little stronger and they pop. They don't do much difference indoors as far as looking around, but they help with looking at laptop or watching tv, or reading e-book on my cellphone.

The 40% Blue Block tint works just as well as 20% but little darker. It does change some of the colors I see." -Suad B

Brown 20

Mojo BluBlock Day Brown 20 Tint - Nice Looking Glasses - 5 STARS

"These glasses are great if you need glasses for work--because the blublock tint is a must for people who have problems with harsh workplace lighting--they are a lifesaver for me, as I get migraines from lights that are too bright." -Sherry S.

Mojo BluBlock Day Brown 20 Tint - 5 STARS

"I didn't know what I was missing! I have used regular off the shelf reading glasses for working on the computer but my eyes were always tired afterwards. I also work under florescent lights. Wow! What a difference these computer glasses made. I am very pleases with the results. I will have to buy a few more pairs!" - Malinda P.

Mojo BluBlock Day Brown 20 and Day Grey 20 Tints - 5 STARS

"The glasses are high quality, beautiful and durable. I did get the blue block. I thought it changed density depending on the visible light. It doesn't... that was totally my fault for not reading before buying! But it is very helpful for sitting in front of a computer all day!" -Jill D.

Day Tan (Melanin)

Mojo BluBlock Day Tan Tint - Fantastic! - 5 STARS

"The lenses are clear and scratch-proof. The Mojo Blublock day tint-tan is great day and night. I know because I wear +400 Magnifiers as my everyday glasses, I have had this pair of glasses for over 2yrs and couldnt be more happy. Great Job Reading Glasses Etc!" - Michael H.

Very Happy! - 5 STARS

"Very happy with my new glasses and the excellent customer service I have received. The Mojo BluBlock Day Tint-Tan works great for my situation. Thank you so much." - Anonymous

Therapy Orange

Mojo BluBlock Therapy Orange Tint - Love the Therapy Orange for reading at night. - 5 STARS

"Reading Glasses etc. let me customize these readers with "Therapy Orange" lenses which block most visible blue light and tremendously reduce glare. While this distorts color, it makes it much easier to view the screen in low light with the brightness turned down. This means that I can look at my phone without glare or without disturbing my sleep or straining my eyes. Even when waking up, I can look at the phone immediately without hurting my eyes. If I don't have such glasses, I feel a big loss because I have to avoid reading the web altogether." -David Bangs

Totally Awesome Product! - 5 Stars

"These glasses are amazing. Funny, because they were not my first choice but I am so glad I ended up with these. They are very attractive on me. I wanted Blue Blockers in a reading glass for work and so this is why I ordered this particular pair. I got the Therapy Orange blue blocking tint. I have several pairs of blue blockers that are ghastly ugly and poor quality. These are just amazing. I am so far beyond pleased that it isn't even funny. I am going to purchase a blue blocker pair with red next. I just have not decided if these will be for TV or for reading. As soon as I make that determination I will order them. The glasses also came with a very nice case, cleaner spray, and cleaner wipe. So impressed with these glasses and this company thus far!!" Laney, CA

BPI CR39 500 and 550

BPI 500 CR39 Orange-Red Tint - Help Me With Sleep - 5 STARS

"Frames are nice enough; light and comfortable. I got them with the BPI 500-550 lenses to help with falling asleep because watching TV, using the computer, or being around any bright light at night can keep me up until 2-3 am. If I put these on at 10 pm, I will typically start to feel sleepy within the hour. This helps me prevent sleep deprivation and the dreaded weekend headaches that occur after making up sleep." -Anonymous

BPI 500 CR39 Orange-Red Tint - Blue Blockers work great!! - 5 STARS

"Excellent overall experience. With my prescription blue blockers, I can use the computer and get tired when I'm supposed to get tired and go to sleep! These very affordable glasses work as well or better than my old prescription and old frames. Already planning to buy more glasses." -Anonymous

Steve Mower is a licensed Optician and creator of Mojo BluBlock Tints. Steve has over 30 years experience in the optical field. He has been a optical retail manager and has consulted on progressive lens development. Steve has been offering unique reading glasses solutions on-line since 2010.

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