Fun Stuff for New Reading Glasses Wearers

Waste your valuable time with our Fun Stuff Pages...

Funny Eyeglasses

New Reading Glasses Wearer?

Our fun stuff pages are designed with you in mind.

Take the the trauma out of having to wear reading glasses. Please enjoy and if you want, submit your own ideas!

The Top 10+ Reasons You Might Need Reading Glasses

Funny lists. Contribute your own lists too. Upload a funny eyeglasses picture too, if you want.

Banana Phone

Caption the Weird and Funny Eyeglasses Pictures

Weird eyeglass pics from the world wide tubes. Sit back and stare at these strange images and believe me, after 2 minutes, you will either come up with something really funny, or well, not.

Eyeglasses Gone Wild

Become a Master of READING-FU with help from 10th Dan Master 'The Fly'

My reading master killed your reading master!

Up Close Fly

More fun...

...Reading Glasses, the Stigma

...Ask April

Fun and informative...

...Eyeglass Recycling

...Eyeglass Repair


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