Eyeglass Recycling


"Just one more book, and tonight's homework will be done!"

Yes, you can give your old readers to your kids, but there are other...

Cool Things That You Can Do With Old Eyeglasses-

1. Donate Them.

There are millions of people around the world that can use your old eyeglass frames and lenses. Give the gift of vision, it's easy.

2. Prepare for the coming Zombie Apocalypse(tm)price-slasher.jpg

There are several darn good reasons to stock up on old reading glasses and eyeglasses, like if you go camping and forget a lighter or your matches get wet, an old pair of reading glasses can be used to focus the suns rays on some dry material, like vampires. It takes patience and focus, but it works. Wire frames can be used for the metal. Craft fish hooks, hot wire cars, stitch up that nasty zombie bite, just sayin. Eyeglasses are a good thing to keep in your survival pack or bunker.

3. Make your own uni-focals!

Its amazing what you can do with a hot glue gun! With two or more pairs of eyeglasses, you can play with the different lenses to get just the right powers for you. Create your own fashion eyewear line.


4. Make something interesting

With a little creativity and the right tools you can accomplish amazing things. Don't be afraid to unleash the artist inside you. Remember that if no one understands, or even likes your creation, it can more likely be considered real art.  I did this on my computer with a photo of old eyeglasses in like 5 seconds:


5. Make Beer Goggles


Materials needed:

  1. Beer
  2. Sizzors
  3. Beer
  4. Old eyeglass frames
  5. Beer
  6. Cellophane
  7. Beer
  8. Stiff cardboard
  9. Beer
  10. Hot Glue Gun
  11. Beer
  12. Pencil
  13. Beer

Instructions: Carefully consume the beer, then, you know, just put all the stuff together the right way!

6. Paper craft a clever disguise


Using the same basic techniques for Making Beer Goggles above, and a combination of paper cut-outs (right> right click and view image for full size) you can make cool disguises like this:


Make blind dates more fun; and safer, too!


Screw around with the TSA morans.


-"Psst. It's me. April. Don't tell anyone!"

7. Dress up your pet

Does your dog need a make-over?

A wig, and an old pair of eyeglasses.

Done. -a miracle.


8. Teach your dog to read


Everybody knows that dogs can learn all kinds of things. A quick YouTube search will show you dogs saying "I Luv U" and "Roof", and so on. So why couldn't a dog learn how to read? I think that dogs currently don't read because of several important factors-

  1. Nothing is currently in print in their language.
  2. Reading glasses are not available for dogs
  3. Nobody has ever tried to teach them!

So I am suggesting that if you have a bit of spare time (well, maybe more than a bit) you might be able to teach your dog to read. After that, teaching it how to do your taxes!

9. Weird tricks you can learn

Practice a little, and you too can do these amazing things-


Credit: hellorodney

10. Never Quit.

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