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Funny Eye glasses online #1- Miracle Grow Eyeglasses

Miracle Grow Glasses

-Medication disclaimer: "Never mix Miracle Grow(tm) with Rogain(tm)."

-"Does this mustache make me look like Errol Flynn?"- E.F.Harriman- Tenn, USA

-"Whaft thu you mean Sthave?- Thisth lookth Greath on mnee!" -Anon


Funny Eye glasses online #2- I Have A Fish

I Have A Fish

-"This is what my heart felt like after you left me Nancy- You cold, cold b**ch!" -Reginald- USA

-"And the top prize for our 2010 'Sushi-To-Go' marketing campaign-The 'FISHY-FISH AWARD'!- For the best 'Sushi-in-a-jar-To-Go Concept(tm)."

-"This fish, which is my fish; has been scientifically shown to be better than your fish; which is again, -not as good as my fish." -T.Werpp, USA


Funny Eye glasses online #3- Stephen Colbert Was Right !!!

Bear Problems

-"Golly-If only I had listened to Stephen Colbert about the whole 'bears' thing!"- 'Svetlana' Colbert- Montana,USA

-"WOW! Pointy teeth, nice gums- Hey who's your dentist?!

-"Yeh! Yeh! "Deh Bears"! I Get IT!- The Chicago Bears!-Cant we just watch the damn game now?!!--stupid Bears Fans!"


Funny Eye glasses online #4-Grandma Rumsfeld-

Angry Grandma

-"So ya gotta choice, weapans of mass destruction on yo head, or this here bottle of WMD Bourbon. Make the wrong move buster, and Whack!- see what happens- Mushroom Clouds!- That's What!- Damn Librals!  -Grandma Rumsfeld- Bunkerport, Maine 

-"Hey!- Molotav Omelet, anyone?"

-"And that was the moment when Mrs. Ramsey knew in her heart that all her hard work and cooking lessons paid off for little Gordan."  Lisa- Woodbridge, Va


Funny Eye glasses online 5-Future Eyeglass Styles

Future Eyeglass Styles

-"America in the future- The average size of bathroom conveniences will have evolved with the average size of Americans."

-"Bat Girl in her Bat-hroom" -A. Diva- Centreville,Va

-"Oh how embarrassing. Joyce is wearing the same outfit as I am." -Lisa- Woodbridge, Va


Funny Eye glasses online 6-And Why Are You Here?

And Why Are You Here

-"Thanks for calling 1-800-YOU-PRAY, Our menu options may have changed. -

  • Press 1 for "Oh God, Please help the homeless."
  • Press 2 for "Oh God, Please help us all find an end to war."
  • Press 3 for "Oh God, Please watch over my daddy, mommy, brother, and sisters."
  • Press 4 for "Oh God, Please end famine, natural catastrophes, birth defects, and ignorance."
  • Press 5 for "Oh God, Please connect me to an actual operator."
  • Press 6 for "Oh God, Please..Hello, Hello! I'm knocking on heaven's door here.  Is there anyone home?!"
  • Press 7 for "Oh God, Hello! Can you hear me now?! ----Sh*t, I think I've been disconnected!"
  • Press 8 for "Oh God, I JUST WANT CUSTOMER SERVICE!!"
  • Press 9 for "Oh God, I was told that this was The Best wireless connection! -My minister sold me this plan!"
  • Press 0 for "Oh God, Oh God! No!- Don't Stop! Don't Stop!..."
  • "Note that by pressing '0' you will automatically be charged for additional services, which will appear on your phone bill as: 1-900-UCALDUS."
  • "To repeat this menu please press 0."

-Anon, USA


Funny Eye glasses online 7-Plugged In

Plugged In

-"When the information super highway becomes the top of the food chain." Lisa- Woodbridge, Va

-"Problems with your cable company? Time to try Direct TV."

-"How not to perform CPR."


 Funny Eye glasses online 8- Find Your Look.

Funny Pirate

-"Ouch! I think my swash has buckled!"

-"Give to me your leather- take from me my lace, me hartey" -Orig. Lyrics: Roy Nicks, Stevie's brother.


Funny Eye glasses online 9-Eyeglasses Gone Wild

Eyeglasses Gone Wild

-"Pollen allergies left without treatment can result in Rosasia of the eye." -Journal of Sciense and Pseudomedicine, 1984.

"Captain's Log Star Date 2012.2- Ensign Versace made contact with a mysterious alien spore on Rigel 2 (see attached file). Bones says he can remove it, but the ensign refused. I think it was the spore, speaking through the ensign, somehow trying to communicate with us, because, when asked, the ensign stated- "What do you mean remove it? I want a matching one for the other side, in blue if you please !


Funny Eye glasses online 10-Your Teddy Bear- An Anatomy Lesson-

Your Teddy Bear- an Anatomy Lesson

-"After all those years in medical school, because of the economy, the only job Dr. Jones could get was performing autopsies at Build A Bear."


Funny Eye glasses online 11-Reading Glasses- Smart Doggie

Smart Doggie

-"And get this, in Macbeth, there is this really priceless line here-"You can't teach an old dog new tricks" "Bwahahahaha-!"- SmartDog- USA

- "I will not finish your homework until I get my Snacky-snack dammit!"

-"Obviously, with over 2000 years of mis-translations and confusion; the word 'GOD' , in your primitive texts, should, of course read: 'DOG',- It's just really funny to me, that you have not yet picked up on this. -I mean, y'all have some sense don't you ?!"


Funny Eye glasses online 12-Eyeglass Irony

Oh the irony!


-"Are your friends pressing you to get new glasses? Go to Readingglassesetc.com NOW!"



Funny Eye glasses online 13-Reading Problems

Bad hair day

-"Hmmm lets see. Hold the brush at the scalp area and move it down to the end of the hair. Oh man I was doing it wrong!"

-"Ok, I really need new reading glasses!- This is the Chinese version of 'Windpower for Dummies'!

-"I'll get you back, Harry Potter!!"


Funny Eye glasses online 14-Stop Smoking Now!

Hair Damage

-"Yet again, that was a very clever trick Mr. Bond, but now you must dye!" -

-"These new 'El-Grappe' cigarillos from Mexico are quite delightful, would you like one?"

"My personal fashion statement? Well, it's my reading glasses, you fool. Isn't it obvious?"


Funny Eye glasses online 15-Comfortably Dumb

Big Shot

-"Tang injections. They're not just for astronauts anymore."

-"Look Mr. Simmons, it's just a little pin prick, as the song says, unless you move or twitch, and hey, just 15 or 16 more shots and your E.D. problem will be gone for good."

-"No, I'm telling you that I do this way better with my bifocals upside-down! Just lift your eyelid a touch higher."


Funny Eye glasses online 16-The Devil- NY Times Book World Critic

The Devil NY Times Book Critic

-"...and so Noah said unto God: "Do what???"

"...and so Princess Polly Pufferwillow and her Prince Charming lived happily ever after in the Magic Candy Castle in the heart of Rainbow Gumdrop Land. The End."

-"Welcome to Hell- I will now read our entire collection of George W. Bush's speeches and sayings in the original voicings of that illustrious speaker. Are you ready for 8 long years of fun?- Tortuously Good Stuff!" -Satan


Funny Eye glasses online 17-Guide Dog With Reading Glasses

Reading Guide Dog

-"Hummm, Maybe my master is right- I should go into politics."

-"I think; -therefore, I am hungry for Bacon-Bits!"

-"Do you think Angelina Jolie would consider adopting me?"


Funny Eye glasses online 18-Reading Mastermind

Crazy computer user

-"And with one touch of the 'Enter' button, the whole world's economy comes crashing down!-Bwahaha! But Wait!- Blue Screen?--WTF?! --Damn You Windows XP!!!"

-"and yes, Mr President I will be 'Fair and Balanced', just as my overlords say at Fox News. Thanks for considering me for the opportunity to interview you personally, Sincerely, -Ian A. Dumass-- Perfect!- This will lock me in for sure!"

-'PONG!- Bah!- I've got your pong right Here!"


Funny Eye glasses online 19-I Got Vision

Gear Lover

-"It was the consensus of all of Bill's friends that he took the movie A Clockwork Orange way too seriously." -Lisa R. -Woodbridge, Va

-"The wheels on the bus go round and round....." -Kenny R. -Woodbridge,Va


Funny Eye glasses online 20-Tune in, Turn on.

3-D Radio

-"My goodness, Lucille Ball looks great in 3D!" -Beth -Springfield, Ill

-"Google Glass version .000002 test." -Barry. -Georgia

-"This is great but can I turn off the commercials?" -Jessie M. -NY

-"iRadio (tm) circa 1952." -Adrienne. -Hawaii

-"Well, these are very nice but do have them in tortoise shell?" -Brian, NH


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