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Mojo BluBlock 1.6 AR Lens is now ZenSpex 1.6 AR Lens

Posted by Steve Mower on 14th Nov 2018

We have rebranded one of our premium blue block AR lens. Same great lens, different name. We currently offer 5 anti-reflective lens options, 4 of which are blue block lenses: Mojo Std AR - Cl … read more

How to Choose Blue Block Lens Options

Posted by Steve Mower on 2nd Mar 2017

If you need some help regarding how to choose the right blue block lens options, we have some updates.We have updated our page on how to choose blue block lens options. If we could develop an App for … read more

New Kodak Total Blue 1.6AR

Posted by Steve Mower on 8th Feb 2017

We have just released the new New Kodak Total Blue 1.6AR lenses as an option on all of our full frames.This is a new hybrid blue block lens from Kodak. It is twice as effective as our Mojo and Apex Bl … read more