Distance Vision Wearer? Need Help With Reading? Eyezen+ is For You!

Distance Vision Wearer? Need Help With Reading? Eyezen+ is For You!

Posted by Steve Mower on 21st Mar 2019

[Updated June 14, 2021 with new Add Powers]

Are you a distance vision eye glass wearer? Do you get eye strain trying to read your cell phone or tablet? The Eyezen+ lenses are for you!

These lenses are specifically designed for people that require distance vision glasses only. If you are a presbyope with an Add power in your Rx (+1.00 or more) than bifocals or progressives are the way to go.

Eyezen+ Lenses are digitally designed with a small bump of reading add in the bottom of the lenses. The amount of Add power is based on your age group.

  • age 18-34  +.40D
  • age 35-39  +.60D
  • age 40-44  +.85D
  • age 45-50  +1.10D 

Many distance vision wearers today suffer from eye strain from reading cell phones and tablets really close to their eyes. A little bit of plus power in the lens takes the edge off. It's not just cell phones either. This little bump in plus power helps with reading any fine print, like medicine bottles, for example.

These are not bifocals or progressives. Digital lens labs today can produce lenses with slight add powers wherever is needed depending on the patient. Specific measurements are required which we can do remotely. There's more!

Smart Blue Filter. Blue light protection built in. The lens materials that the Eyezen+ are available in all have Smart Blue Filter (SBF) which is a special monomer that filters ~20% of HEV blue light. The lenses are clear, but are also available in Transitions VII, Transitions Vantage, and Transitions EXTRActive. Transitions lenses filter blue light based on the amount of UV/blue light they are exposed to.

For additional glare and blue light protection you can add Crizal Prevencia AR or one of our othe anti-reflective coatings. Crizal AR reflects off about 20% of blue light.

Eyezen+ + Transitions + Crizal Prevencia = Perfect distance vision lenses.

See the Eyezen+ here


Steve Mower is a Licensed Optician, owner of ReadingGlassesEtc.com, and creator of Mojo BluBlock Tints. Steve has over 30 years experience in the optical field. He has been a optical retail manager and has consulted on progressive lens development. Steve has been offering unique reading glasses and prescription eyewear on-line since 2010.

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