Transitions Signature VII Lenses with Smart Blue Filter Now Available

Posted by Steve Mower on 22nd May 2018

Smart Blue Filter (SBF) is a monomer built in to the material of the new Transitions Signature VII lens material that filters HEV blue light by 20% indoors and up to 85% outdoors when fully activated.

Transitions Signature VII lenses are the state-of-the-art photochromic lens. They are clear indoors and activate to full sunglass depth outdoors in about 45 seconds. They also lighten back very quickly.

Material: Polycarbonate with Smart Blue Filter

Colors: Grey, Brown, and Green.

Reader Lens Availability: We offer these lenses as Reader Lenses from Zero to +4.00 in either eye. These options are available on the frame pages as Lens Options.

Prescription Lens Availability: Prescription Single Vision Lenses for reading, intermediate, or distance vision.

Stock power range is:

  • +.25 to +4.00 sphere and -2.00 cylinder
  • Plano to -4.00 sphere and -2.00 cylinder
  • -4.25 to -5.00 sphere and -1.00 cylinder
  • -5.25 to -6.00 sphere only
  • These options are available on the frame pages as Lens Options.

Cost: $160.00

Benefits: Blue light protection indoors and outside. For reading glasses wearers these lenses offer the ability to read in any situation and benefit from a lens that darkens and protects from HEV blue light in any situation. The same applies to single vision distance prescription wearers.

Alternative (Rx) Transitions Lens Options: We offer other lenses that address prescriptions outside of the above stock range as well as additional lens options that address HEV blue light in more advanced ways. These are digitally designed lenses and cost more. Combining lens materials with SBF, with different Transitions lenses, and special AR coatings like Crizal Prevencia AR, you get the best blue block lenses made today.

We offer single vision solutions here at ReadingGlassesEtc and bifocal and progressive lenses at

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