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Blue Light Filters and Your Light Sensitivity Problems

Posted by Steve Mower on 18th May 2016

Like many people, UroŇ° Bole has problems with glare. UroŇ° has a blog,, where he has been collating information about glare and blue light, and the  various solutions on the market … read more

New Blue Block Tints and the Wertheim Factor

Posted by Steve Mower on 25th Feb 2016

We have a new line-up of Mojo BluBlock Tints!Reading Glasses or distance eyeglasses that filter blue light using lens tints are very popular here at ReadingGlassesETC as well as elsewhere on the inter … read more

Insomnia and Blue Light Blocking Reading Glasses

Posted by Steve Mower on 18th Aug 2015

"My friend asked me, "How did you sleep last night?" and I said, "Pretty good, but I made a few mistakes." -Steven WrightCan't sleep? Do you have a problem going to sleep? Do you wake up in the middle … read more

New Mojo BluBlock Tint Colors! - Updated

Posted by Steve Mower on 13th Aug 2014

Our Mojo BluBlock Tints are now available in 2 new colors! We started our line of Blue Blocking Monitor Reading Glasses with a selection of 20 or so frames with a light 15% amber Mojo BluBlock Ti … read more