Insomnia and Blue Light Blocking Reading Glasses

Posted by Steve Mower on 18th Aug 2015

"My friend asked me, "How did you sleep last night?" and I said, "Pretty good, but I made a few mistakes." -Steven Wright

Can't sleep? Do you have a problem going to sleep? Do you wake up in the middle of the night and can't get back to sleep? Sleep deprivation and/or insomnia is a serious problem for many people these days.

What are the causes of insomnia and what are the solutions? There are many causes and every individual suffering from insomnia can have a different set of culprits to deal with but exposure to blue light is one of the most common.

Blue light from computer screens, tablets, TV's,etc... A particular part of the blue light spectrum emitted by electronic screens has been shown to cause problems like insomnia and eye strain and headaches, but also more serious issues like retinal damage and age related macular degeneration. 

If you watch TV or read a tablet or a computer before going to sleep you are being exposed to this particular band of blue light (415 to 455nm). Not all of the blue light spectrum is bad. The range outside of 455nm is important for good vision.

Solution: Wearing blue light blocking glasses will protect your eyes. Also, if you tend to read your tablet at night like I do, blue block reading (or no power) glasses with a light amber tint or blue light reflecting anti-reflective coating can help a lot. There are products on the market now that block all blue light which is not necessary and they run the range from intense yellow to bright orange. These product do protect your eyes from blue light but do not provide natural vision. (They also look pretty silly, IMO.)

For proper blue light protection and natural vision, select one of our frames at Reading Glasses Etc and add either a 15% Amber Mojo  BluBlock Tint if you are light sensitive, or Mojo BluBlock AR Coating. These are available with any of our single vision lenses whether zero power, reading powers, or single vision prescription.

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If you would like to read more about the latest on blue light and other blue block options, I recommend this recent excellent post by UroŇ° on his site, - Blue light filters to relieve computer eye strain help you sleep better

It has just about everything you need to know about blue light. If you feel so inclined, leave a comment about us!

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