New Mojo BluBlock Tint Colors! - Updated

Posted by Steve Mower on 12th Aug 2014

Our Mojo BluBlock Tints are now available in 2 new colors!

We started our line of Blue Blocking Monitor Reading Glasses with a selection of 20 or so frames with a light 15% amber Mojo BluBlock Tint. These are recommended for indoor use with iPads, tablets and computer screens, and they became so popular that we started offering the amber Mojo BluBlock color as an option on our Tinted Reading Glasses and Bifocal Reading Glasses with a choice of 4 tint depths.

All of our Tinted Reading Glasses and Bifocal Reading Glasses are now available with Mojo BluBlock Brown and Gray.

Color options are Pink, Blue, and Mojo BluBlock Gray, Mojo BluBlock Brown, or Mojo BluBlock Amber!


And Your Choice of Tint Depth! 15,30,45,60%


Our exclusive Mojo BluBlock Tints filter out 100% of blue light! (Near UV-A, UV-A, and UV-B) A highly recommended tint (with a 15% depth) for use with hand held devices like iPads and Tablets!

Mojo BluBlock Tints:

  • Amber- Best color for nighttime reading. Good for iPads, Tablets, and computer screens. Best color for increasing contrast. Not so good as 45-60% sunglasses.
  • Brown- Good for nighttime or daytime reading at 15%. Good for any computer use. Cuts glare and is good for increasing contrast. Great for sunglass readers at a 45-60% depth!
  • Gray- Daytime reading. Cuts glare well. Does not offer better contrast but the colors you see are natural. Also great for sunglass readers at a 45-60% depth!


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