New Blue Block Tints and the Wertheim Factor

Posted by Steve Mower on 25th Feb 2016

We have a new line-up of Mojo BluBlock Tints!

Reading Glasses or distance eyeglasses that filter blue light using lens tints are very popular here at ReadingGlassesETC as well as elsewhere on the intertubes. If you use a computer or tablet you need a blue block filter of some sort to protect your eyes from harmful blue light.

The problem is that the way these products are marketed erroneously suggests that all blue light needs to be blocked out. "It's all bad!" "Help, I cant sleep!" "Away with you bad, bad blue light!" Wrong.

We have reformulated our Mojo BluBlock Tints using a new metric called the Wertheim Factor. The Wertheim Factor is a numerical value given to optical blue filtering lenses that defines a optimal balance between filtering bad HEV light and allowing beneficial light through to your eyes. (We use a special UV/Blue Light Spectrometer to determine the Wertheim Factor when we tint our lenses and quality check them out of our lab.)

The mistake in defining blue block tinted lenses using a spectrum cut off, or photopic peak point like "filters blue light to 500nm" for example, isn't accurate as any filter allows a certain amount of light to pass at the photopic peak (550nm, where the eye is most sensitive, for example).

Rather than use a photopic peak model, Dr Wertheim and others developed an elegant solution that provides us with a single numerical value and standard of quality. A tinted blue light filtering lens at a perfect balance would have a Wertheim Factor of 43. The Wertheim Factor is patent pending and you can read the patent application here

The Changes in our Tint Selection:

(Using the old standard, all of our blue block tints filter blue light into the safe range of 470nm or more.)

Unlike our older selection of blue block tints, where you could select different colors like amber and then select a tint depth like 15%, 30% etc.. we now offer various colors optimized an named for what they do best:

Mojo BluBlock Night Yellow, Mojo BluBlock Day Amber, Mojo BluBlock Day Tan, Mojo BluBlock Day Brown 20, Mojo BluBlock Day Grey 20, Mojo BluBlock Day Orange

Then we have Mojo BluBlock Sun Tints for light sensitive people or for sunglasses: Mojo BluBlock Sun Brown 40, Mojo BluBlock Sun Brown 60, Mojo BluBlock Sun Grey 40, Mojo BluBlock Sun Grey 60

Lastly we have our non-blue block cosmetic tints in pink or blue in your choice of 15, 30, or 45% tint depths.

Read more details about these new tints and about the Wertheim Factor here.

For customers that have purchased our original Mojo BluBlock tints- don't fret. You will love the new versions. We have a page that describes the differences between our new and old tint versions and suggestions on what to choose.

We conducted a lot of testing on these new tints and we couldn't have done it without the help from several people. Thanks to:

Dr. William F. Moore (co-applicant on the Wertheim Factor patent) for his on-going help and knowledge.

The fine folks at BrainPowerInc for their help and advice and fine quality products.

Jerry S. - A customer that had very good questions about the products we were offering and the metrics we used to define them. Jerry had a question about looking through different blue block glasses at spectrograms on a computer. More about this in a new post soon!

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