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Tinted Reading Glasses

Custom Tinted Reading Glasses

Customize Any Of These Readers With Your Choice of 5 Tint Colors!






And Your Choice of Tint Depth! 15,30,45,60%





Now with our exclusive Mojo BluBlock Tint as a color option!*


 * Our exclusive Mojo BluBlock Tints filter out 100% of blue light! (Near UV-A, UV-A, and UV-B) A highly recommended tint (with a 15% depth) for use with hand held devices like iPads and Tablets!

Tinted Reading Glasses with Mojo BluBlock Tints:

  • Amber- Best color for nighttime reading. Good for iPods, Tablets, and computer screens. Best color for increasing contrast.
  • Brown- For nighttime or daytime reading. Good for any computer use. Cuts glare and is good for increasing contrast.
  • Gray- Daytime reading. Cuts glare well. Does not offer better contrast but the colors you see are natural.


Hey! We also have Bifocal Readers that you can have custom tinted!

And by the way, if you find a frame on our site that you want with tint that is not listed below, let us know! We can probably do it!

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More On Tinted Reading Glasses

Looks Great on Ben


Tinted reading glasses not only look cool (hey, just check out Ben Franklin above! ~45% depth) but can also help to alleviate eye strain for some people. If you are bothered by glare when you read or use your computer these can help- but mostly they just look good. For most folks, having more light rather than less, provides the best, most comfortable reading experience. A light tint is 15%, but you can go darker. 15 to 30% depths are good for indoors. I recommend 15%. 45 to 65% is a sunglass tint! April has advice on choosing tinted reading glasses (or any glasses) here.

Readiculously Cool Tinted Readers:

There are three reasons to want a tint in a pair of reading glasses. First, is that you want to dampen down glare a bit when you're reading. Second, you want to look cool. The third reason is if you want sunglass readers! You might want to check out our Bifocal Reading Glasses section. You can get those with a tint as well!

A light tint slightly reduces the amount of light coming to your eyes, thus providing a 'soothing feel' while you are reading. If you use a computer a lot, like me, I would recommend adding on a anti-reflective coating, instead of a tint. An anti-reflective coating or AR Coat, "pulls" more light through the lenses, and provides you with less glare from external light sources, like computer screens, desk lamps, etc...Some people like tinted lenses and some like AR Coating. It's one or the other because the AR Coatings are matched to the lens materials, thus resulting in higher quality, more scratch-resistant, and smudge resistant coatings.

Tints Available- (All lenses have UV400 Protection.)

BLUE. Cool Blue like Ben Franklins's image above.
PINK. Same as above, but Pink.
BROWN. Brown provides better contrast.
GREY. Grey provides the most neutral colors.

And now!!

Mojo BluBlock!  Read more about Mojo BluBlock, Blue Light and Monitor Glasses.

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