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Custom Tinted Reading Glasses

Now with our exclusive Mojo BluBlock Tints as a color option!*



 * Our exclusive Mojo BluBlock Tints filter out 100% of blue light! (Near UV-A, UV-A, and UV-B) A highly recommended tint (with a 15% depth) for use with hand held devices like iPads and Tablets!


Tinted Reading Glasses with Mojo BluBlock Tints:

  • Amber- Best color for nighttime reading. Good for iPods, Tablets, and computer screens. Best color for increasing contrast.
  • Brown- For nighttime or daytime reading. Good for any computer use. Cuts glare and is good for increasing contrast.
  • Gray- Daytime reading. Cuts glare well. Does not offer better contrast but the colors you see are natural.



Customize Any Of These Readers With Your Choice of 5 Tint Colors!








And Your Choice of Tint Depth! 15,30,45,60%







Hey! We also have Bifocal Readers that you can have custom tinted!


And by the way, if you find a frame on our site that you want with tint that is not listed below, let us know! We can probably do it! If you find a style on our site that does not have the tint option and you want it, no worries! With a few small exceptions you can add a tint, Mojo BluBlock Amber, Gray, or Brown as well as our non-BluBlock Pink or Blue to most of our reader styles. It's easy. Go to our Customize It page for more info.

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