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Bifocal Reading Glasses- Huge Selection!!

Bifocal Readers. A smart choice. Clear or tinted!

Bifocal reading glasses are designed to offer you two fields of vision. Zero power in the top and reading at the bottom. Our Bifocal Reading Glasses have a 28mm line. These work well, as long as you dont require a correction for distance vision, or you wear distance only contact lenses. Our bifocal reading glasses are available with an anti-reflective coating for cutting reflections, or:


Customize Any Of Our Bifocal Reading Glasses With Your Choice of 5 Tint Colors!








And Your Choice of Tint Depth! 15,30,45,60%






Now bifocal reading glasses with our exclusive Mojo BluBlock Tint as a color option!*


 * Our exclusive Mojo BluBlock Tints filter out 100% of blue light! (Near UV-A, UV-A, and UV-B) A highly recommended tint (with a 15% depth) for use with hand held devices like iPads and Tablets!

Mojo BluBlock Tints:

  • Amber- Best color for nighttime reading. Good for iPods, Tablets, and computer screens. Best color for increasing contrast.
  • Brown- For nighttime or daytime reading. Good for any computer use. Cuts glare and is good for increasing contrast.
  • Gray- Daytime reading. Cuts glare well. Does not offer better contrast but the colors you see are natural.



We also offer Computer Bifocals They have a power of about half of your up-close power in the top of the lens, and your reading (up-close) power in the bottom. For anybody that needs that little extra plus power for intermediate tasks.

BTW- If you have found a frame that you like, but do not see it in our Bifocal Reading Glasses or Computer Bifocals categories, just Contact Us! We can usually make it happen. (Full frame metal or plastic only)

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