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How to Make Your Own Lenses

Posted by Steve Mower on 6th Mar 2019

Andy George made lenses from scratch with borax, sand, and soda ash. This was just one very difficult step in making his own camera.  From PetaPixel via boingboing "Making clear glass t … read more

New Frames for 2019! Splash and Vivid Ultem Styles

Posted by Steve Mower on 15th Jan 2019

We have just released the Splash Collection for women from Vivid Eyewear. Splash Collection by Vivid Eyewear Style above: Splash 71 Blue Multi About the Splash Colle … read more

New Product! CliC Ashbury with all of our lens options!

Posted by Steve Mower on 29th Nov 2018

CliC readers are very popular and we are proud to announce that we offer the very popular Ashbury style in Black and Tortoise. CliC readers separate at the bridge allowing you to click them … read more

Mojo BluBlock 1.6 AR Lens is now ZenSpex 1.6 AR Lens

Posted by Steve Mower on 14th Nov 2018

We have rebranded one of our premium blue block AR lens. Same great lens, different name. We currently offer 5 anti-reflective lens options, 4 of which are blue block lenses: Mojo Std AR - Cl … read more