Product Updates | Price Changes and Discontinued Items

Posted by Steve Mower on 9th Feb 2022

A short notice about some changes being made in 2022.

We have made some changes to our pricing and some of our product offerings.


In order to keep up with the increase in shipping and product costs we have raised the prices of many of our products by $1.00. other items have been reduced in price and some increased a bit because of cost increases. Since 2010 have offered free shipping to our U.S. Customers and will continue to do so. 

International shipping has been increased. Check out the latest rates here... 


We have discontinued our line of Mojo BluBlock Readers. These were items that were low priced and included limited lens power choices and lens options. We created this line years ago to offer on other channels like EBay and Amazon. If we decide to offer products on these channels in the future we will introduce them again. 

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