Computer and Workspace Lenses

These are occupational lenses and do not provide distance vision at more than 5 to 10 feet. Available to U.S. customers only.

About the Shamir Computer and Workspace Lenses

Shamir has designed a lens that comes in two formats, one for computer use and one for office use. These lenses are for people that need a wide field of vision at different distances. The lens materials, both polycarbonate and Trivex have Blue Zero. Blue Zero is a clear monomer that filters a degree of HEV blue light. Both lens types can be purchased on the same product page.

These are designed for people that need correction at distance and for near reading. The prescription is configured to work for the wearer at either 5 feet away (Shamir Computer) and in to reading, or 10 feet away (Shamir Workspace) in to reading. This digital design provides a very wide field of vision. For example, most Shamir Computer lens wearers find that they do not have to move their heads back and forth to keep their dual monitors in focus. That's very different than what regular progressives provide.

shamircomputer.png Shamir Computer viewing area is designed for up close reading to 5 feet away. These progressive lenses provide a very wide viewing area. These work particularly well for desk, computer work, even with dual monitors.
shamirworkspace.png Shamir Workspace viewing area is designed for up close reading to 10 feet away. These progressive lenses provide a very wide viewing area for desk and computer work but also allow you to move around your office or similar environs.

Here is a couple of videos. More information can be found at the Shamir website.

Shamir Computer and Workspace Video:

Workspace 360 Video. Works with Google Chrome or Firefox browsers.



We offer our progressive lenses to U.S. customers only. As long as your shipping address is in the U.S. you're fine. This is because of the shipping costs related to your Frame Trial and Fitting Height measurement. It works like this:

  1. Order up to 2 frames for trial. Find a frame and click Add To Cart. Do not select any lens type or options.
  2. Order the lenses. Go to the lens product page, Shamir Computer or Shamir Workspace
  3. Configure the lenses, click Add To Cart.

Frame Trial and Fitting Height:

If you have any questions I would be happy to consult with you. Contact Us!


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