Our Mojo BluBlock Tint Is A Hit!

Posted by Steve Mower on 30th Jul 2014

Our Mojo BluBlock Readers and Tint have become very popular and we are getting lots of great feedback.

What is Mojo BluBlock? Mojo BluBlock is a special amber color tint that blocks the part of the UV/ blue light spectrum that causes eye strain and headaches for people that use hand-held devices like iPads, Tablets, and cell phones. These issues are particularly noticeable at night while reading in dark environments. Since we use aspheric polycarbonate lenses, you get the benefit of polycarbonate's inherent UV A and B protection, as well as the additional blue blocking effect of our tint.

We launched our Blue Block Reading Glasses category last year. The lenses have a set 15% tint depth. Because of it's growing popularity we added Mojo BluBlock as a tint option on all of our tinted reading glasses, bifocal readers, sun glass readers and bifocal sunglasses.

Here are a couple of things to take note of when selecting Mojo BluBlock as a tint option:

-For computers, iPads, and Tablets, a 15% tint depth is recommended. 30% maximum for indoor use.

-Select the proper power. Most people read their hand held devices at a regular close-up reading distance of between 12 and 14 inches away. If you are viewing a computer screen at arm's length, select half of your reading power. Example: Regular up-close reading power is +1.50, select +.75 as your computer reading power.

-Over 30% the amber color gets pretty intense. At 45 to 60% the amber color becomes more orange-gold. Some people that have tried using 60% BluBlock find that it changes some of the colors they see and doesn't work like regular sun glass readers. We have a solution:

-BluBlock Brown Tint- If you want a 45% or 60% Mojo BluBlock Tint and would rather have a brown color as opposed to the regular orange-gold, we can do that. We do not have this set up as an option yet, but you can get it by selecting Mojo BluBlock, selecting either 45% or 60% as the tint depth and then entering "Blue Block Brown" into the comments section at check out. 

-See a frame you like without a tinted lens option? We can usually make that happen for you. E-mail us with the frame style and color and we will set it up for you. steve@readingglassesetc.com

Here are the products we offer with Mojo BluBlock:

Mojo BluBlock Reading Glasses - Single vision readers with a 15% Mojo BluBlock Tint.

Tinted Reading Glasses - Single vision readers with multiple tint and tint depth options.

Bifocal Reading Glasses - No power at the top and reading power at the bottom with multiple tint and tint depth options.

Bifocal Sunglasses - No power at the top and reading power at the bottom with multiple tints and one 60% depth option.

Prescription Lenses- If you need prescription single vision eyeglasses and would like our Mojo BluBlock Tint, visit our prescription site, MojoOptical.com. Most of the frames that you see here at ReadingGlassesEtc are available there and you can get the lenses with Mojo BluBlock Tint.

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