New Special Prescription Lenses

New Special Prescription Lenses

Posted by Steve Mower on 12th Apr 2019

We offer a huge array of single vision prescription lenses right on the frame page. If you require a higher Rx than our stock lenses or need progressives or occupational lenses, these are for you!


Stock lenses are pre-made lenses that we cut down to the frame. They are affordable and available in a fairly wide power range as reader lenses and single vision prescription lenses. These prescription lenses are available right on the frame page. If your prescription is outside of the power range for the lenses you want, or you require progressives or bifocals, the lenses need to be custom made.

Our Special Prescription Lenses:

We have an array of prescription lenses that address high prescriptions, multi-focal and progressive needs, occupational needs, blue light, and glare. Most of these lenses are free-form digital lenses that offer the best, most comfortable vision.

These lenses "fill the gap" in the market for people that want advanced blue block solutions. I should note that there are cheaper bifocals and progressives available that I could have added. I decided to go with lens designs that not only perform better but are available with more and better lens options, but they are pricier. 

[ Re; The prices. Check out the video we recently posted from Laramy-K Optical about how these lenses are made.)

Custom Single Vision - High powers, Mojo BluBlock Tints, Transitions lenses, Polarized sunglass lenses. Also, Eyezen+ lenses for help with reading.

Custom Bifocals - Featuring the line-free Shamir Duo bifocals.

Custom Progressives - Mojo Digital Advanced HD and Shamir Spectrum+ progressives in a very wide array of formats.

Custom Occupational Progressives - Featuring the Shamir Computer and Workspace lenses.

Polarized Sunglass Lenses are also available featuring Xperio UV Polar lenses, Transitions Vantage Polar


These lenses are not available on the frame page. You select a frame and add it to your cart without any lenses or options chosen. Just the frame. Then you navigate to the lens page and configure your options and add them to your cart.

*Prescription Progressive lenses are available to U.S. customer only.

For a quick access to all of our prescription lenses, click Rx Lenses on our navigation menu.


Steve Mower is a Licensed Optician, owner of, and creator of Mojo BluBlock Tints. Steve has over 30 years experience in the optical field. He has been a optical retail manager and has consulted on progressive lens development. Steve has been offering unique reading glasses solutions on-line since 2010.

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