New APEX BluBlock AR-T Lens Option!

Posted by Steve and Rhonda Mower on 11th Nov 2015

Introducing our new APEX BluBlock AR-T Lens Option!

APEX BluBlock AR-T (AR+Tint) is a new lens add-on or option that has a light 1% Amber Tint plus a Blue-Block Anti-Reflective Coating. The blue block AR coating works just like the coating on our Mojo BluBlock AR but the additional amber tint provides a bit more contrast.

Both the APEX BluBlock AR-T and Mojo BluBlock AR are $25.00 add-ons and are available on all of our full frame single vision reading glasses.


  • Very thin aspheric polycarbonate. (We cannot put them in rimless frames)
  • 1% Amber BluBlock Tint for improved contrast.
  • BluBlock AR Coating reflects off bad blue light to 470nm letting beneficial blue light through.
  • UV400 ultra violet filter
  • Scratch resistant coating
  • Hydrophobic coating

So our blue block options are now Mojo BluBlock AR (clear), APEX BluBlock AR-T, and Mojo BluBlock Tints. 

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