Crizal Rock (Blue Capture) AR - Blue Filter Lenses with Std AR

HEV blue light protection with no blue flash reflections.

Blue flash AR versus Clear AR

We now offer a great lens for computer users that provides blue light protection with a clear anti-reflective (AR) coating.

Crizal Rock (Blue Capture) AR lenses do not reflect off blue light causing the blue flash common to these lenses. Instead, the lens has a blue filter monomer which filters at least 20% of HEV blue light and 100% of UV. The anti-reflective coating, is a premium AR coating which is 3 times more scratch resistant than the entry level Crizal lenses and have an additional hydrophobic coating to make them easy to clean. They are the most scratch resistant AR lens made. The material is aspheric polycarbonate.

This is a great lens for people that want superior blue light protection and a attractive, clear, no-glare experience. Available as a $100.00 lens option in all of our frames.


  • Aspheric Polycarbonate Lens Material.
  • 1.67 high index lens available only in prescription for high powers.
  • Over 3x times more scratch resistant than base Crizal AR lenses.
  • Blue Filter Monomer filters ~20% of HEV blue light.
  • 100+35% UV protection.
  • Hydrophobic easy-to-clean coating.
  • Available in poly Reader Lenses and poly and 1.67 Prescription Lenses.
  • Power range: Zero/Plano to +4.00 or to -6.00 to a -2.00 cylinder.
  • 1 year scratch warranty

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