Site Changes - Computer, Blue Block and Tinted Reading Glasses

Posted by Steve and Rhonda Mower on 1st Oct 2015

This post is for those of you that have shopped our site and are seeing some changes. We have removed several reading glasses categories.

We have removed these categories- Computer Reading Glasses, Blue Block Reading Glasses, and Tinted Reading Glasses. Why would we do that?

There are several reasons but the most important one is that we now offer our blue block AR, blue block tints, and cosmetic tints as options on all of our single vision readers. Now you can select from hundreds of frame styles instead of just the 50 or so that were in each of those categories.

If you want Computer Reading Glasses then you can find a frame, select the correct power for computer reading and add either our Mojo BluBlock AR coating or a BluBlock Tint. 

Blue Block Reading Glasses are really just computer reading glasses with blue block.

Tinted Reading Glasses are the same but you can also select a non-blue block cosmetic tint in either blue or pink.

We believe that these changes will make it easier to shop without these redundant categories. For information about:

By the way, there is no price difference. For example our tinted reading glasses were frame/lenses priced with tint ($20.00). Now you find a frame and just add a tint for the same $20.00. 

We like educated consumers. Take some time to read about our lens options and have fun shopping for just the right reading glasses for you.

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