Reading Glasses Etc Updates for 2018

Posted by Steve Mower on 21st Mar 2018

You may have noticed some changes!

In early March of 2018 we started a series of updates to our website. Our goal are to make shopping easier, our website faster, and to make the information on our site more accessible. 

1. We have changed our navigation menu to allow for easier access to shopping. The biggest change is that we have removed 'Popular Styles'. This category contained redundant sub categories like 'Round Reading Glasses' which you can shop for with our frame filter. You can find any frame style you like with our frame filter by selecting the frame size, material, style, shape, color, and special features. 

2. Our Resources pages are more easily accessed now with information about our products.

3. Our About Us pages have everything related to who we are and what we offer. About Us, Shipping and Returns, etc...

4. COMING VERY SOON! Our product pages will have multiple option sets. What that means is that if you want a frame with a different lens other than basic reading lenses, you can do that on the same page. Bifocal Reading Lenses? No problem. Computer Bifocals? No problem. And so on... (sigh... finally!) This update should be finished by mid April.

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