Reading Glasses Etc Ranked #1 for Blue Block Selection!

Posted by Steve and Rhonda Mower on 27th Sep 2016

In a new article at Reading Glasses Etc has been ranked as #1 for blue block selection, frame selection, and product information!

Glarminy is a popular site that researches the current range of blue block and anti-glare products available today. 30 different brands were reviewed and 19 made the final cut. We scored #1 with 36 out of 36 points.

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From the article:

"This overview of blue light blocking glasses was motivated by complaints about the poor style among the good blue blockers. Truly, it is difficult to find brands of blue blocking glasses with a deep selection of frames, various blue blocking tints, disclosed spectral transmittance data, Anti-Reflective (AR) coating, and all of that available in prescription (Rx) for those who need it. There is one exception that meets all these criteria with over 1000 frame styles and 7 blue blocking tints. Hopefully this review broadens your options and helps you find the perfect blue blockers for your taste and blue light filtering needs."

Check out the full article here:

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