Mojo BluBlock Tints - Improvements, Spectrograms, and Light Transmittance

Posted by Steve Mower on 1st Sep 2016

We have recently made improvements to some of our Mojo BluBlock Tints. Based on an extensive testing program we have been able to create lens tints with better blue light/HEV filtration. 

Our goals are to offer lens tints that look nice, are comfortable to see through, and protect your eyes from blue light/HEV. 

When we started back in 2010, many of our customers purchased reading glasses with cosmetic tints to cut glare and for a fun look. Now you can do the same thing but feel confident knowing that your eyes are protected from the damaging blue light/HEV from computer screens and tablets. 

We are the only company on the internet that offers anything like this.There are products on the internet that will filter a very high amount of blue light. The problem with these products is that:

  1. They are very intense lenses that are irritating for most people to look through.
  2. They block too much blue light. Rather than filter the low end blue light/HEV, and allowing beneficial blue light to pass through, these lenses cut off all blue light. For the vast majority of people this is unnecessary.
  3. The frame styles are limited to what look like "safety" glasses.
  4. They are not offered with reading powers.

Tinted Lenses as "Therapy" Lenses. Outside of the 'fun' look with a tinted lens, lens tints provide varying degrees of better contrast and/or glare protection. In this sense, all lenses with tints are "Therapy" lenses. If you are not a light sensitive person then Mojo BluBlock AR coated lenses are the way to go. No color distortion, and less reflected glare.

If you are mildly or more severely light sensitive, then a lens tint is your solution. We have broken down our Mojo BluBlock Tints into different categories; Daytime, Nighttime, Sun, and Therapy. 

Our only Therapy tint is Mojo BluBlock Orange 60 which is for those folks that want high contrast, high blue light/HEV blockage, and have certain vision conditions that require this type of intense tint. It's a good idea to consult with your eye doctor about this type of lens tint.

For the folks that have purchased our lens tints, there are only a couple of changes in regards to the look of the tint.

  • Mojo BluBlock Night Yellow - is slightly more intense, going from a 20% tint depth to ~30%. This is a tint designed for using at night to help with insomnia problems. The slightly more intense depth does not appreciably change the colors you see compared to the older version but does filter blue light/HEV by an additional 12%
  • Mojo BluBlock Day Grey 20, and Sun Grey 40 and 60 - Our grey tint colors have changed slightly. Instead of a grey with blue tinge, the new grey colors have very light tinge of brown. We have increased the blue light/HEV of our grey tints by about 20%! This is still a very neutral color and will not alter the colors you see.

How to choose. We cannot tell you what you need. Everyone is different. You can find more information on these pages:

BluBlock Tints - Images of our tints with explanations of their benefits and some details.

BluBlock Guide - A helpful explanation with charts that can guide you to finding the right solution for you.

Spectrograms and Light Transmittance Details - For those of you that would like to drill down to the granular in what our tints do and how they perform, we have provided spectrograms for each of our Mojo BluBlock Tints with details about what amount of light is transmitted and what is filtered.

Quick Notes for Consumers:

  • All of our Mojo BluBlock products protect your eyes from 100% of UV and damaging blue light/HEV.
  • Our lens options are available with the vast majority of frames we offer. (Hundreds!)
  • Our lenses are available as zero power (Plano), or reading powers from +0.25 to +4.00 in either eye, or prescription single vision lenses for near, intermediate, or distance. For prescription lenses, go here- Rx

For ECP's:

We now offer independent eye care practitioners a program that let's you offer our unique and important products in your practice without having to buy or stock reading glasses. Our program is new, and right now, it's completely free! You can offer your patients the latest in blue light/HEV protection while making incremental income, and not have the hassle of stocking hundreds of readers. Learn more. Apply now. There is no obligation.

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