How to Find The Perfect Pair of Reading Glasses at ReadingGlassesEtc

Posted by Steve Mower on 30th Oct 2016

Our new shopping features make it easy to find the perfect pair of reading glasses (or prescription glasses). 

Finding the right pair of glasses can be daunting given that we offer over 1000 frame styles with many options. We have made changes to our store to make your search much easier and more fun. The vast majority of our frames come with many lens options including Blue Block AR Coatings and Blue Block and cosmetic tints.

We have streamlined our main categories, moved some things around, and introduced filtered search. Here are some tips. 

For sales and discount items:

Sales - Find out about our latest in-store sales, Discount Reading Glasses - Close outs and discontinued frames with all of our lens options.

Budget Blue Block Glasses - Budget priced blue block readers with limited power options.

Accessories/ Pre-made Readers (Close-outs) - We are selling off all of our pre-made readers.

All Reading Glasses - with Filtered Search

Start by selecting any Category like Men's, Women's, Brands, Popular Styles, etc... then filter your search by:

Frame Size, Color, Style, Shape, Material, Spring Hinge, and Special Features. 

(Example: Looking for a Medium Size, Black, Retro, Cat-eye, with Spring Hinges and Rhinestones? We have one!)

If you need prescription lenses for near, intermediate, or distance vision, you can now purchase them right on the frame page. This include our MojoPoly with BluBlock AR Coatings or BluBlock Tints or cosmetic tints. Go here for complete details- Prescription Rx

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