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Budget Blue Block Readers

Budget BluBlock Readers - Affordable Blue Light Protection.

Stylish Frames with Our Most Popular MOJO BluBlock Options Included.

Our budget collection of blue block glasses include our most popular MOJO BluBlock lens options. The power choices are from zero 0.00 to +4.00 in both eyes. Each pair comes with a soft microfiber pouch that doubles as an eyeglass cleaner. Each order includes one bottle of eyeglass cleaner. and free shipping (USA) ($10.00 per order to Canada)

BUY 3 PAIRS AND GET THE 4th PAIR FREE! Mix and match the styles, powers and options! No coupon required, discount applied at check-out.

Want more choices? Check it out! Our Current Sales.

Our BluBlock lenses protect your vision from damaging UV/Blue Light/HEV while allowing beneficial blue light through to your eyes for proper vision. Many people are under the mistaken impression that all blue light is bad. This is simply not true. Working with experts in the field, we spent over a year developing our proprietary blue block tints. Learn more about Blue Block 

Included Lens Options: