Do You Need Blue Block Reading Glasses?

Posted by Steve Mower on 9th Jul 2015

If you use a computer, cell phone, tablet, iPad,etc.., then yes, you do need blue block reading glasses. (Even if you do not need magnification you can have blue light protection with zero power lenses and either the blue block tint or AR.)

As we age we reach a point where we lose the ability to focus up close. Also, people today spend a lot of time reading computer screens and hand held devices. This intensive focus on near objects, whether paper or electronic displays, plays a big part in when a person starts to need a reading correction. These electronic displays emit blue light and a certain part of the blue light emitted is harmful.

If you need reading glasses there is no reason to not have reading glasses with blue light protection. ReadingGlassesEtc offers reading glasses with options like Mojo BluBlock AR and Mojo BluBlock Tints. The prices with these options start at only $49.00 and are optical quality. Whether you are a youngster using a computer or tablet or sit in front of a computer all day at work, you need protection.

We are also releasing a new line of budget oriented blue block reader later this month. The APEX BluBlock AR and ART are $34.00 and $39.00 respectively and are also available in 2-Packs for $58.00 AR and $68.00 ART. These are available in powers from 0 to +4.00 in each eye. 

The release date is July 24th but you can pre-order them now. Check them out!

Read more about blue light and our solutions here.

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