SomniLight FL41 Light Sensitivity Glasses (Large)


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SomniLight FL41 Light Sensitivity Glasses (Large)

Fl-41 is the tint most commonly recommended by doctors and specialists for the prevention of light sensitivity and migraines. One study found that the use of Fl-41 glasses reduced the number of migraines by an average of 74% in a four month period. Read the full research report here.

Fl-41 glasses are also effective at reducing photophobia and light sensitivity that does not result in migraines, particularly light sensitivity caused by florescent lighting and computer screens. Fl-41 lenses block 80% of the blue wavelengths that can trigger eye pain, dizziness, and headaches.

SomniLight FL-41 Rose Glasses are rated UV 400, providing 100% protection against hazardous UVA and UVB rays. Effective for both indoor and outdoor lighting. 

Glasses measure 155mm (width), 115mm (temple), 43mm (height). 6.1 Inches wide.



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