SomniLight Amber 550 Sleep Glasses (Large Rx Fitover)



SomniLight Amber 550 Sleep Glasses (Large Rx Fitover) Filters all blue light to 550nm.

Large Glasses measure: 157mm (width), 157mm" (length), 45mm (height). 6.2 Inches wide.

Lenses: Plano lenses (no magnification.) UV 400, providing 100% protection against hazardous UVA and UVB rays. Effective for both indoor and outdoor lighting.

Amber Sleep Glasses: are also commonly referred to as bipolar glasses, night shift glasses, and ADHD glasses due to their effectiveness at mitigating sleep disorders associated with these conditions.

Blue light from cell phones, computer screens, and overhead lighting can block production of up to 99% of the sleep hormone melatonin, causing chronic disruption of the circadian rhythm. Our amber glasses are specially designed to block over 99% of the blue wavelengths that cause insomnia, while letting through plenty of amber light to allow you to remain productive throughout your evening. Studies suggest that wearing amber glasses for 45 minutes each night can result in up to an hour more sleep per night!

Amber glasses have proven particularly effective for Chronic Insomnia, ADHD insomnia, Bipolar insomnia, Delayed Sleep Phase Syndrome (DSPS), and Shift Work Sleep Disorder.



SomniLight Lens:
Amber 550
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