Computer Reading Glasses and Blue Block

Computer Reading Glasses - Lens Powers and Protection


Computer reading glasses are reading glasses that traditionally have two important features:

  1. Lenses that allow you to read at your computer screen distance. (Which is?)
  2. A UV filter, special tint, and/or an anti-reflective coating to reduce reflections and glare. 

Today, the word computer can mean anything from a PC, Mac, tablet, iPad, or even cell phone. If you are buying reading glasses, it's important to choose the correct power lenses for the device you are using. It is also very important to understand what kind of visual protection you need.

Computer Reading Glasses Powers.

First, determine how far away you use the device. For computer reading glasses where you view the screen at about arm's length, you should choose half your up-close reading power. For hand held devices used closer to your eyes, like reading a book, you would want to use your up-close reading power.


Example: If your up close reading power is +2.50 then +1.25 would be your computer monitor power.

To determine your reading powers take our reading test.

Need prescription lenses for up close or computer? We do that too.

CVS and Blue Light Solutions

Aside from selecting the correct lens power, you need to have a lens treatment designed to alleviate the effects of CVS and blue light and we offer very unique solutions. After finding the frame style that you like on our site, add one of our innovative CVS/ blue block lens options.

SHOP: Create your perfect pair of computer reading glasses!

1. Find a frame style that you like from our collection There are hundreds to choose from!

2. Select the correct power. Example: If you need a +2.00 for up close reading select that. If you want to read at arm's length then select half that power, +1.00.

3. Select one of our innovative CVS/Blue-Block Options. (See our BluBlock Guide for help in selecting the right option for you.)

If you need prescription lenses check those options and upload your Rx and PD. (Only $10.00 more!)

Our blue block options are available with all of our single vision reading glasses.


Bifocal Reading Glasses - No power at the top and the same power each eye at the bottom from +1.00 to +3.00. Mojo BluBlock tints are an option as well as non-blue block pink and blue.

Computer Bifocals - Arms' length computer power at the top with up-close reading power at the bottom. You can either get these with a non-blue block AR coating to cut computer glare or our Mojo BluBlock tints.

Learn about Our Lenses

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