About ZenSpex Lenses

zsarmodel.jpgZenSpex Anti-reflective Blue Light Lenses

ZenSpex 1.6 AR lenses cut 80% of HEV Blue Light.


The lenses are clear.
You see true colors and get less surface reflections.
They effectively filter and reflect off HEV blue light.
They allow beneficial blue light through.
They reduce glare from computer screens, smart phones, TV screens, etc...
The aspheric design is thinner and more attractive than standard lenses.


Thin, Aspheric Lens Design in 1.6 High Index
Scratch Resistant Coating
Hydrophobic Coating
UV400 and Blue Filter Monomer
ZenSpex AR Coating on Front
Standard AR Coating on Back


ZenSpex lenses are available as a $50.00 lens option for reading glasses and single vision prescription lenses in all of our full rim frames.


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