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We have a unique way for you to share our innovative products and make money doing it, our RGE Affiliate Program. Rather than give lots of money to Google and Facebook for ads, we would rather give it to you for spreading the word. It's really easy. You do not need to know any programming and you don't have to have a website or blog even though there are banners and articles you can use on those. It costs you nothing but a little time.

How it works:

You share links to our site with your own personal affiliate code attached. When your friends click on those links and buy something from us, you make a commission. If they buy again in the future, you make a commission then too!

There are simple tools to share links to Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter, and e-mail.

It's easy, it's free and there are no obligations and no spamming. Check it out!


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