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super-reader.jpg  [Flying option currently unavailable]

  • Over 1200 optical quality frames to choose from, priced $29.00 and up.
  • Thin, aspheric polycarbonate lenses included.
  • Choose reading glasses powers from zero to +4.00 in either eye.
  • Customize your reading glasses with one of our unique lens options!

Lens Options: Blue Block AR Coatings and Tints, cosmetic tints, and more...

Whether you need reading glasses for tablet or computer, or just want zero power with blue light protection from TV screens, we have your solution. Create your own blue block reading glasses / computer reading glasses and protect your eyes from blue light with a Blue Block AR coating or a Mojo BluBlock Tint, or get tinted reading glasses with a fun cosmetic lens color! Learn more about our lens options.

Bifocal and Computer Bifocal Lenses

Instead of single vision readers you can opt for one of our special lenses. Learn more on our Special Lenses page.

Prescription Eye Glasses:

You can get prescription glasses for reading, computer, or distance vision glasses right on the product page. Your current Rx and PD measurement is all that is required. Prescription lenses are only $10.00 more. Learn more...