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We have hundreds of quality reading glasses styles for women and men! Every shape, style and size, priced from $29.00 and up. Our single vision reading lenses are included in the price and are thin, aspheric, polycarbonate with scratch resistance and UV protection. Our frames are prescription quality.

We are very different from your typical reading glasses store. All of our single vision reading glasses are customizable with your freedom to choose powers from zero to +4.00 in either eye and you have the option to add on our special AR coatings or custom tints. Each pair of readers comes with a case, cleaning cloth, and a bottle of eyeglass cleaner. Shipping is free to all U.S. addresses.

Buy 2 pairs and get a 3rd Pair Free!

Lens Options:

Whether you need reading glasses for tablet or computer, or just want zero power with blue light protection from TV screens, we have your solution. Create your own blue block reading glasses / computer reading glasses and protect your eyes from blue light with a Mojo BluBlock AR coating or a Mojo BluBlock Tint, or get tinted reading glasses with a fun cosmetic lens color!

Learn more about our lens options here.

Prescription Reading Glasses:

You can get prescription reading glasses (or for computer or distance vision glasses) right on the product page. Your current Rx and PD measurement is all that is required. Prescription lenses are only $10.00 more. Learn more...

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[See our Glasses Guide for information on things like frame sizes and our Blue Block Guide for info on lens options.]