Snowstorm Shipping Delays

Posted by Steve and Rhonda Mower on 25th Jan 2016

UPDATE- We have dug out and the orders that were delayed have shipped.


Rhonda and I live here in Centreville, Virginia and as you may have heard there has been a very big snow storm. We managed to get most of our orders out the door before the storm. As it stands now we are still snow locked and are awaiting the plows to come through. Until they do, we cannot ship or receive. We will be upgrading any delayed domestic orders to USPS Priority at no additional cost.

We have already sent e-mails notifications to customers that have delayed orders. So far only 4, 5280, 5281, 5283, and 5286. We hope to be freed very soon so we can get back to business. Updates to follow!

Clearing our driveway- Attempt #2 on Sunday

Rhonda hits a wall.

Our back patio.

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