RGE 2015 Blue Block Survey - Drawing Winners!

Posted by Steve and Rhonda Mower on 1st Sep 2015

We conducted a drawing today from all of the customers that completed our 2015 Blue Block Survey. 

The winners:

Krystal L. won the top prize of a $200.00 RGE Gift Certificate.

Jeff F. won the second place prize of a $50.00 RGE Gift Certificate.

Congratulations to Krystal and Jeff and many thanks to all of the participants.

If you didn't know, in early June we sent out a request to our customers (via blog post and newsletter) asking them to fill out a private survey. The requirement was that they had purchased and used our blue block products. The survey ended on August 31st, so we are not accepting any more entrants. We were hoping for a couple hundred entrants but only received 43. (The odds of winning were pretty darn good!)

We are in the process of collating the survey data and will be releasing our (rather unscientific) findings, in parts, over the next several weeks on this blog.

One thing that we learned from our survey that surprised us is that many of our customers are being referred to us by their Optometrists, and other ECP's (Eye Care Professionals) This is great news as it means that more and more ECP's are becoming more knowledgeable about the negative health effects of bad blue light and it's relation to computer vision syndrome (CVS), age related macular degeneration (AMD), insomnia, and eye strain.

We are going to set up a page on our site devoted to blue block reviews very soon. Stay tuned! In the mean time, if you are a current RGE blue block reader user and would like to share your experiences with others, please just send us an e-mail. Please include what type of blue block product you purchased. blueblockreview@readingglassesetc.com

Thanks again to all of the folks that took the time to contribute.

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