Our New Website Design

Posted by Steve and Rhonda Mower on 29th May 2015

We have spent some time now re-working ReadingGlassesEtc.com as a site that can offer custom products in a more user friendly way. We are one step closer now with our new design. (There are always more steps!)

Returning visitors may have noticed, we have streamlined our site and changed the layout of some categories. Everything is still there, just easier to find.

Also, we have a much better, easier to read font, which for folks shopping for reading glasses is a definite benefit.

Our responsive design also works great on whatever device you use, computer, tablet, or cell phone. 

Rhonda and I like it and so far, feedback has been very positive. If you surf our site and find a bug or glitch please let us know via our contact page.

By the way, if any of you reading this needs a website, a web store, or custom website work done, I would like to highly recommend our friends Jay and Dustin at Third Eye Graphic Solutions as well as the creators of our site template at Above and Beyond Web Design, and Big Commerce, our store host whose customer support is par excellence. And just so you know, I do not make money from linking to these folks.

We hope you like the changes we have made.

Steve and Rhonda

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