Our New RGE Affiliate Program | Spread the Word!

21st Mar 2016

We have just introduced a great way for our customers and fans to make extra cash spreading the word about our unique products. Rather than give Google and Facebook money for advertising, we figured it would be better to give it to you. 

It's a very simple program and it's free. You do not need to know special coding or anything. You can share our site and our products with your friends by e-mail, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and even off-line.

How it works:

  • When you sign up as an affiliate you get a special affiliate code. You also get your own affiliate portal which allows you to use our tools.
  • Using our e-mail and social network tools you can send people links to our site with your affiliate code attached.
  • When your friends click on those links and buy from us you get a commission. When they purchase again, you get paid again! Most of our customers are repeat customers because they love our products.
  • Our tools are automated and very intuitive to use.
  • Share our site, specific products, information pages, even fun stuff pages!

Who this is for:

  • Our customers, fans, and friends. Easy tweets and Facebook postings that you can edit.
  • Website owners and Bloggers that post about reading, computers, book reviews, blue light/CVS, and visual health problems. We have blog post templates and banners too.

Who this is not for:


Sign up below and learn more. 

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